Miriam Reader Memorial Doubles 2018

by 1 July
by 14 August
John Greenwood & Jane SmithJohn Greenwood & Jane Smith
Mick Belcham & Richard Smith
 Jon Diamond & Jack Ingle
 Jolyon Creasey & John Moore 
 Tom Carpenter & Kate Sander 

Bisques: In an attempt to encourage more break place by higher handicap players we’re continuing an experiment with the bisques involved being calculated and used differently:

  1. Calculate the number normally, using the total difference in handicaps.
  2. For the higher handicap player on each side calculate the difference between the handicap and 6 and divide by 2, rounding up.
  3. Add these together.
  4. Only the higher handicap player on each side may use these bisques. If both players have the same handicap then they can be shared.

E.g. Pair A: handicaps 3 and 18 v Pair B: 8 and 20.
Step 1 gives ((20+8) – (18+3))/2 = 3.5 and
Step 2 gives (18-6)/2 = 6 for Pair A and (20-6)/2 = 7 for Pair B

So the higher handicap player on Pair A gets 6 bisques and the higher player on Pair B gets 7+3.5=10.5 bisques.