Golf Handicap League loss to Dulwich 7:2

Derek Crocombe turnabout to be the weakest link for this away match – so we lost…

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Montevideo Cup Report

Jonathan Lamb wins our Montevideo Cup

Jonathan Lamb presented us with this Cup when he won it for the first time (he’s been a long-time resident in Uruguay which is why the cup has that name, but is now in Canterbury for much of the year). This year this GC level play cup was held on Saturday 11th May, with the strongest participation ever, and he beat Chris O’Byrne from Reigate Priory in the final, despite the occasional heavy rain shower and hail storm.

The other fancied low handicap players all stumbled in their blocks, but the highest handicapped player, Ben Harwood (the groundsman at Southwick) did stonkingly well and had his handicap reduced from 4 to 2.

Full results are:

BLOCK AClubH’capJon DiamondJonathan LambChris O’ByrneJohn GreenwoodRoger SuttonDerek CrocombeWINSPOSITION  
Jon DiamondTunbridge Wells-1 3-76-77-54-77-224  
Jonathan LambCanterbury-17-3 5-77-57-47-541  
Chris O’ByrneReigate Priory17-67-5 7-44-77-342  
John GreenwoodTunbridge Wells15-75-74-7 7-65-715  
Roger SuttonSussex County27-44-77-46-7 7-233  
Derek CrocombeTunbridge Wells32-75-73-77-52-7 16  
BLOCK BClubH’capRichard BrooksBrian HavillDavid Thirtle-WattsAlex JardineMichael GentryBen HarwoodWINSPOSITION  
Richard BrooksSussex County-1 7-57-47-36-74-732  
Brian HavillWatford15-7 4-77-37-54-724  
David Thirtle-WattsHunstanton14-77-4 7-54-71-725  
Alex JardineTunbridge Wells23-73-75-7 4-76-706  
Michael GentryTunbridge Wells27-65-77-47-5 6-733  
Ben HarwoodSussex County47-47-47-17-67-6 51  

Jonathan LAMB beat Ben HARWOOD 7-2
Chris O’BYRNE beat Richard BROOKS 7-5
Jonathan LAMB beat Chris O’BYRNE 7-2

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Tweet: Jonathan Lamb wins our Montevideo Cup

Jonathan Lamb wins our Montevideo Cup (again), with an easy win in the final against Chris O’Byrne from Reigate Priory.

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National Croquet Day great success!

National Croquet Day

We were blessed with a bright sunny day with a temperature of around 15C and a good turnout from existing Club Members to support as Volunteers.

We had 34 visitors playing during our day which ran from 11am-4pm, a sizeable increase over the 19 in 2018.

Five decided to join after playing and 4 more couples expressed strong interest to join after their positive experience and we have some more who are proposing to join our Croquet Introduction Course days that are still to be held in June, July and August after a successful May event, where we obtained two new members.

We had generous donations from our visitors giving £41 for Parkinson’s UK.

This year we had a banner made and we have had it up on our fencing for six weeks which generated a reasonable interest level as evidenced from the questions asked in the website link that was on the banner. A suggestion made by a visitor, to have a second banner at the bottom of Calverley Park, will be adopted for next year, also for the WCF Simon Carter Golf Croquet World Championship that we are are co-hosting.

We are also a member of Nextdoor, an international social media platform that is built around neighbourhoods. Tunbridge Wells has approx. 4800 households on Nextdoor, which we used twice for NCD and is being used for our other events this year.

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Kent Cup results and report

A somewhat chilly weekend, but with only spits and spots of rain, saw another full-house for the AC Kent Cup, held in TW for about the seventh year in a row. Sadly, despite being held at home, none of our members won it this time; actually no TW-player has ever won it! Medway have been just been generally too good. [Actually one has, but he was playing for Medway at the time…]

Although the lawns looked good from a distance and they are pretty flat, they are somewhat bumpier than even earlier in the season, presumably because the mowing  has only just got down to Summer playing length and so exposed the patches of lawn where grass has not taken (not enough grass seed in the Autumn top-dressing?).

Well, to the playing: Robert Alexander was the highest ranked player, so it wasn’t a total surprise that he won, but the next ranked players Jon Diamond and Jonathan Lamb (Canterbury) both lost in the first round of the knock-out. In then end the final was between Roger, who had come a really long way to join us, and Robert, who we know really well and who won in two straight games.

Thanks to Alex for managing it really well again, but this may well be his last… And next time hopefully in Canterbury!

Robert Alexander, winner of Kent Cup

Roger Staples (runner-up)

Jonathan Lamb (right) winner of the Kent Cup Swiss

The full results are:

Winner: Robert Alexander, Medway
Runner-up: Roger Staples, Middlesborough
Third: Brian Havill, Watford
Fourth: Trevor Longman, Ramsgate

Consolation Swiss

4/5 Jonathan Lamb
4/6 Jon Diamond
2/3 Alex Jardine
2/5 Liz Farrow, John Greenwood, Phil Mann, John Bateson
2/6 Charlie Martin
1/5 Jolyon Creasey
0/5 David Rimmer

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Tweet: Robert Alexander wins the Kent Cup again!

Robert Alexander wins the Kent Cup again!

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Tweet: Samir Patel in the semifinals at Surbiton.

Photo of Samir Patel in the semifinals at Surbiton. A glorious days play and I’m doing quite well – 4 wins out of 6 games currently! ⁦

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Tweet: An excellent start to the new season with 16 players today.

An excellent start to the new season with 16 players today. Our One Ball charity heat was contested by 12 with John Greenwood running out winner with 5 wins and raised £100 for the nominated charity Alzheimers Society. Obviously he wasn’t generous to our Medway visitors!

Full results are:

John Greenwood 5/5 wins
Barney Lewis 4
Robert Alexander 3
Philip Mann 3
Jon Diamond 3
Richard Mann 3
Derek Crocombe 2
Jeff Chapman 2
Jolyon Creasey 2
Michael Sander 1
John Hobbs 1
Alex Jardine 1

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2019 Competition Draws released

After some last minute adjustments, due to management incompetence, the 2019 Competition Draws have been released.

Some last minute adjustments had to be made to the Golf Doubles, so if you looked at the provisional ones in the last week please recheck them.

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Tweet: Our nice new banner advertising NCD, courtesy of Nigel!

Webmaster @ Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club

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