Nigel and Mike win the GC Doubles

Nigel writes: “We need three games so you can see it was close. Mike and I won 7:4, 3:7, 7:4

Derek played many very accurate shots up to the hoop, Lister many excellent long shots with good accuracy and Mike and I seemed to complement each other well……

Badgers have hit lawn 3 on the gate side and Ray had spent all morning sorting it out, so we played on lawn 2 after Ray had kindly brushed it for us.”

Many people thought that there was rain in TW on Sunday for the One Ball, but four hardy souls turned out and enjoyed a dry and sunny day, albeit a bit wet underfoot. So here’s looking forward to the next one in January.

The final pub lunch of the year at the Nevill Crest & Gun was a seasonal one, so a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

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Winter social programme update

We’ve now got two more pub lunch dates:

  • 11th December 12:45pm start at the Nevill Crest & Gun, Eridge Road, Eridge TN3 9JR
  • 15th January 1pm start at the Rock Inn, Hoath Corner, Rywell Road, Chiddingstone Heath TN8 7BS

It’s possible that some pubs will require pre-ordering if we have significant numbers, so please contact John Skates a week beforehand if you’re planning to come.

Kate & Michael Sander have volunteered again to have a 12th Night Celebration at their house on Sunday 6th January 7pm. Details will be emailed out separately.

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New Golf Croquet Rules

The Croquet Association has announced that the 5th Edition of the Rules of Golf Croquet will become effective in England from 1 March 2019.

It should be emphasised that the 5th Edition is not intended to make any noticeable change to the way Golf Croquet is played. Its three purposes are:

(1) to make the Rules easier to use by improving the organisation and quality of the text;
(2) to provide direction in situations which previous editions did not address; and
(3) to remove some unnecessary inconveniences and complications in the Rules.

Links to the 5th Edition itself and explanatory documents are available in the GC Rules section of the CA website.

One noticeable difference however is the Wrong Ball Rule, which eliminates many of what were previously errors.

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One Ball

Our One Ball on Sunday was played in excellent weather and attracted 10 players, perhaps a record?

Chris Barham ended up as winner, winning all his games, with Barney Lewis and John Greenwood as runners-up with just one loss.

7 players turned up for Golf in the afternoon.

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Lawns re-opening

As you can see above Kate and Michael (and I) have been transferring loads of topsoil into our flower beds in preparation for replanting for next season, but more importantly you can see Ray cutting the lawns.

So, despite the lawns being a little soft, I’m please to announce that our One Ball/Golf on Sunday will take place and play can now re-commence for the Winter – One Ball starting at 11am and Golf after lunch. See you there!

Please note the Winter Rules (remember since the grass isn’t growing any damage won’t be repaired until the Spring):
– observe the notices about which lawns are open (Lawn 1 doesn’t have any hoop holes, so won’t be played on this Winter)
– in general play on Lawn 3 only; use Lawn 2 only when Lawn 3 is fully occupied
– don’t play if the lawns are very soggy or frosty
– in the mornings you may need to clear the dew with the big sweeping brush on the floor at the back of the clubhouse
– the lawns are about 6/7ths of the normal size to try and avoid play on most of the bare patches
– no Jump shots under any circumstances!

In addition, until further notice we’re only having Club Sessions on the first Sunday of each month (One Ball am and Golf pm) and the third Wednesdays pm to minimise any potential damage prior to our hosting the GCWC next year.

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Initial pub lunch dates announced

16th October – George Inn @ Frant

20th November – Bottle House Inn @ Penshurst

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SECF League Results

The season is now over and we can now see how well our teams have done this year:

A league: 4/6 (our highest ever position!)
U league: 14/14
GC Level league: 7/9
Restricted league: 10/12
Handicap league: 11/17

So, sadly, probably our worst results in living memory….

Must try harder!

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Autumn Maintenance

This is now scheduled for Monday 24th September, subject to the weather.

Since it consists of levelling and tons of top dressing the lawns are likely to be out of action for at least 4 weeks.

Tune in for updates!!

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Four competitions complete on Final Day

A glorious day dawned on a Sunday early in September, so it must be Finals Day!

This year three finals of our competitions were played and there were more spectators than players – the first for a long time. We almost ran out of chairs…

Finals Day 2018 – where’s Jolyon?

The first game to finish was the Lustau Cup (Advanced Handicap) with Alex and Jon contesting. Since Alex has recently beaten Jon twice in level play it was thought that with Alex receiving bisques this should have been a walk-over. In fact it wasn’t quite.

After a few skirmishes Alex took his first ball round to Rover using one bisque, giving a Contact. Although Jon didn’t get going from this he did a little later and retaliated by going to Rover too (he should have pegged Alex out though).

After some more errors Jon got going again, but failed hoop 3, so Alex had the break and went round but missed the peg-out! Jon hit in but couldn’t get going properly and eventually ran hoop 4, but couldn’t hit his partner ball, missed Alex’s in the middle of the lawn so Alex won.

On the day that Alistair Cook played his final test innings Richard Clark played his final competitive game in the Kitching Rose Bowl, watched by Brian Kitching. At 84 he’s been struggling a bit this summer, so couldn’t quite keep up with the youngster (?) Mark, running hoops is quite necessary, and lost in two straight games

The final game was, as predicted a tight one and almost went to time (3 hours), as most of our high handicap Association Doubles do. John G & Jane seemed to be slightly ahead for most of the time, but it was still close as both John G’s and Jolyon’s ball were for Peg, Jane’s for Penult and John M’s for 2-back.

However, John G then pegged Jolyon’s ball out, but couldn’t make up his mind whether to peg his own out or not – eventually deciding not at Jane’s entreaty. (Actually, pegging out Jolyon’s ball shouldn’t have counted, since you need to get both balls through Rover in a Handicap game before you can do this… Actually, that comment is incorrect, since you can peg out your opponents’ balls, but not your own side’s – John talked about also pegging his own ball out; that is what isn’t permitted.)

After a further bit of toing and froing John had made two more hoops, but Jane had done so also and eventually with John G lining it up made the peg-out – phew! Miriam Reader would have been proud.

Full results for the year can be seen here.

Thanks to Kate Sander for providing the excellent cakes in absentia.

In addition, as time for the competition has run out, Jane Smith won the Howell Cup (Association High Bisquers).

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Andy Dibben wins the Honeygrove Cup

At the end of the first day our two players were doing really well, with Jon on 3 out of 4 wins, having lost only to Alex (who was also Manager of the event) and who had 3 straight wins. However, this didn’t quite continue on to the second day.

Perhaps Ray’s mowing of the lawns a bit lower on Sunday morning, making them faster, had disturbed things a bit for us because we failed to maintain the momentum with both Alex and Jon losing another game.

In the exciting final turn of the game finishing after “time” on the Sunday, Andy Dibben came from a point behind to peg out, thus beating Phil Dunk and taking him to 5 wins out of 6.  This gave Andy the trophy on percentage wins, ahead of Andrew Dutton and Alex, waiting hopefully on 4/5.

This 13-player flexible Swiss was played in excellent weather, without time-limits till the final hour; the narrow handicap range (0 to 3) making for competitive play and plenty of upsets.

The prize for effort (bottle) went to Chris O’Byrne for his eight games (!) and, after reaching the trigger on several previous occasions but each time slipping back, Jon Diamond at last hung on to get his handicap down to Scratch.

2 spectators too!

Manager and Winner

Full results:
5/6 Andy Dibben (Surbiton)
4/5 Andrew Dutton (Woking), Alex Jardine
4/6 Jon Diamond
3/5 Liz Farrow (Sussex County), Edward Dymock (Surbiton)
4/7 Kevin Carter (Surbiton)
3/6 Phil Dunk (Sussex County)
2/6 David Boyd (Rother Valley), Brian Havill (Watford)
2/8 Chris O’Byrne (Reigate Priory)
1/5 Steve Woolnough (Aldermaston)
1/6 Alan Clark (High Wycombe)

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