Following the new Government lockdown all outdoor sports locations are to close, so we’re closed with immediate effect.

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Club still open!

Following the Government’s announcement about new Covid-19 restrictions Kent falls into Tier 4.

This means we don’t have to close, but we are limited in which members can play and how much play is possible:

  • Club sessions are cancelled
  • Only Kent residents can play
  • Practice on your own or singles play only
  • Some doubles games might be possible for those within support bubbles etc – please follow the detailed guidelines if you want to play a doubles game
  • Only one game per lawn
  • Booking via our WhatsApp group required
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Club re-opening

Well, our re-opening after our Autumn Maintenance was somewhat delayed by the Government National Lockdown, but we’re pleased to be able to announce our re-opening on Wednesday 2nd December.

Please note that Lawn 3 will probably be out of use all winter and that, as usual, no jump shots will be allowed over winter.

The Government has put our club into Tier 3 (probably), so please keep to the restrictions as laid out, as well as observing our hygiene rules and social distancing: 6 players max per lawn, three singles or one doubles and one singles.

Club sessions will be 1st and 3rd Sundays: 1st 11am One Ball and Golf pm; 3rd 10am 14-points AC and Golf pm.

Please use our WhatsApp group for making lawn bookings.


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Autumn Maintenance underway!

The deed is done.

After a false start on Thursday 24th, when the top dressing was delivered to the entrance of Calverley Park, but the lawns were waterlogged, so no work could take place Judges came back on the Saturday mob handed at 3 o’clock and finished just after 6.

We attempted a nominal uplift of the outside edge of lawn 3. The dressing was damp and did not spread nicely, so it looks a bit messy compared to the normal aftermath, but it will wash in flat after the first rainfall or automatic watering. (We’ve obviously had a bit of that subsequently.)

One comment was that we’re getting quite a few outcrops of ‘foreign’ couch-like grasses which cannot be removed by treatment [this is quite normal for lawns of our age] so it was suggested we might like to consider a more elaborate treatment involving skimming the top surface level and re-seeding to effectively give us new lawns. We’ll look at this option for Autumn 2021.

We’re still not sure how long we’ll be closed for as this depends on the weather and the absorption of the top-dressing and the availability of Chris Barham to drill new hoop holes, but definitely at least 3 weeks, so watch this space from the middle of October…

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Autumn Maintenance Closing

We’re now planning on closing for our Autumn Maintenance (20 tons of top-dressing etc. by Judges) on 25th September. It is possible this could vary by a few days, as it’s dependent on the weather – being dry is helpful.

We don’t know quite how long we’ll be closed for, as this is again dependent on the weather – rain will reduce the closing time as it will cause the top-dressing to be worked into the soil. In the worst case we could be closed for several months, in the best case a couple of weeks.


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Final competitions finished with Bruce Edwards winning four

With all this good weather we haven’t had any problems with completing the matches.The final match completed today and the final results were:

Kitching Rose Bowl
Lister FIELDING beat Bruce EDWARDS 7-6, 2-7, 7-4
Hunter Plate
Bruce EDWARDS beat John GREENWOOD 7-4, 7-5
Calverley Cup
Bruce EDWARDS beat Barney LEWIS +12
Lustau Cup
Chris BARHAM beat Jon DIAMOND +5

In addition the New Members competitions have also finished with Bruce Edwards winning both – perhaps we’ll change the qualification for these next year to not allow good players to join in!

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Finals Day report

Despite family events reducing the number of competition finals that could take place on Sunday we did manage four.

The results were:

Golf Doubles
Lister FIELDING & Jane SMITH beat Darren LEVETT & Gill LEVETT 7-5, 6-7, 7-6
Golf High Bisquers
Darren LEVETT beat Simon MANWARING  4-7, 7-6, 7-6
Hunter Plate
Bruce EDWARDS beat John GREENWOOD 7-4, 7-5
Spa Salver
Jon DIAMOND beat Jolyon CREASEY +13

The weather was quite pleasant, but the lawns are clearly suffering with rabbit runs and being rather bumpy too – hopefully the Autumn Maintenance due on 24th (ish) will fix this for next year.

Most of the other four competitions should be completed this week.

However, don’t forget that we still have the informal Ladders running up until the end of the calendar year – the first games in the Golf one were held today. If you want to enter just write  your name on one of the slips in the Stationery drawer and put them up. Full rules are on the Noticeboard by the Ladder.

We’re open for at least two weeks now and the weather looks fair!

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John Greenwood releases Handicap calculator app

It is sometimes difficult to determine the number of extra turns/bisques to be given in Golf or Association Handicap games and also the number of Index points to be exchanged at the end of a level-play game, so John has released the free Croquet Calculator app for iPad/iPhones:

“A calculator to determine who receives bisques/extra turns, and any handicap index changes, for Association and Golf Croquet matches. In particular, it allows the easy calculation of the extra turns received in a doubles Golf Croquet handicap match taking into account all the requirements of Rule 19.3 of The Rules of Golf Croquet 2018.”


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Barney wins our One Ball

Our much delayed heat of the CA Charity One Ball event took place on Sunday with 6 participants in very humid conditions.

Lawns fast and require much more water from heavens…

Everyone won at least one game and lost at least one game, so the winner was decided by net points with Barney Lewis beating Jon Diamond by a narrow margin.

Full details are: here

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Phil Dunk wins our inaugural AC 14-pointer

This is the first year that we’ve had the short form 14-point Association Croquet events in the South East Federation, intended to be 6 events shared between Sussex County and ourselves. Of course, Covid-19 has caused this monthly schedule to be put on hold, so our July tournament was the first one to be held.

Given the late start to the season there was a lot of pent up demand, so we were able to have a full house, of 12 players, ranging in handicaps from -2 to 12 and  6 different clubs up to 50 miles away. Parking as usual was a problem, but only expensive for those who didn’t read the joining instructions…

The lawns are in reasonable condition with the exception of Lawn 3 which has suffered due to some sad person who decided to practice turning circles with their Segway over the winter. It’s now bumpy and slow, since we can’t cut the grass very short until the bumps have gone… The weather was mostly gray and fairly cool, but at least the rain held off.

So, to the play: given the CA’s Covid-19 guidance the players were split into 3 groups of 4 in the morning playing Advanced all-play-all with 80 minute time limits. This was organised as three bands by handicap. Only a few games went to time, so lots of games pegging out and it feels like this time limit is acceptable, especially for the better players. Disinfecting balls and clips between games didn’t manage to affect the timing or the players’ enjoyment of the games.

Sam Murray from Surbiton was clearly in form, as the lowest handicapped player, making some really good leaves and the only player winning all three games in the morning, allowing his three opponents a total of just 5 hoops.

Alison MaughamPlaying, just like normal

After lunch the players were divided into three all-play-all groups again, ordered by success in the morning. This time it was still Advanced, but if the handicap difference was more than 5 the higher handicap player could opt for the Advanced Handicap format, which they mostly did.

Sam couldn’t quite keep his success rate up, losing narrowly to Phil Dunk from Reigate Priory by two hoops. Phil did lose one of his games, but was declared the winner on tie-break from Sam and received his socially distanced and disinfected prize of a bottle of wine; also a handicap reduction to 1.

Phil Dunk with his prize (on right) for our first AC 14-point tournament

Social distancing at workI think the day was enjoyed and adjudged a great success by all, with everybody managing to comfortably play six games and have at least one win.

The next 14-point tournament is at Southwick and we’re back at TW on 3rd September.

 Full results are here

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