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Finals Day! 7 close matches completed – pictured is the Golf Doubles at the start of game 3. This went to the Golden Hoop. — Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club (@CroquetWells) September 9, 2019

Tweet: GCWC over at TW

Excellent play from all players – down to Southwick for the semis tomorrow and the final on Sunday. Good luck to our English players!@croquetengland @RoyalTunWells @maryharristw@WestKentChamber @TWellsTourism @tw_events @Mayor_TWBC — Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club...

Tweet: GCWC sign-off from TW

We sign off from TW with today’s local press- a two page spread from the Kent & Sussex Courier and a smaller piece in the Kent Messenger. @croquetengland @RoyalTunWells @maryharristw@WestKentChamber @TWellsTourism @tw_events @Mayor_TWBC

Tweet: GCWC final day at TW

Today is the final day of the WCF Simon Carter Golf Croquet World Championship at Tunbridge Wells. @croquetengland @RoyalTunWells @maryharristw@WestKentChamber @TWellsTourism @tw_events @Mayor_TWBC — Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club (@CroquetWells) August 2, 2019

Tweet: GCWC flooding over!

After a long delay because the lawns were flooded we’ve started play here! @croquetengland @RoyalTunWells @maryharristw@WestKentChamber @TWellsTourism @tw_events @Mayor_TWBC — Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club (@CroquetWells) July 27, 2019

Tweet: GCWC opening photos

Forgot the photos of the GCWC opening! @ @croquetengland @RoyalTunWells @maryharristw@WestKentChamber @TWellsTourism @tw_events @Mayor_TWBC croquetengland @RoyalTunWells @maryharristw@WestKentChamber @TWellsTourism @tw_events @Mayor_TWBC — Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club (@CroquetWells) July 27, 2019