Open Tournaments Honours Board

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YearPegasus Plate
Honeygrove Cup
(Advanced, was B-level until 2014)
High Bisquers
Montevideo Cup
Golf Handicap
2019Andy Dibben
Jonathan Lamb
2018Andy Dibben
Tom Carpenter
2017Martin LesterJon DiamondLiz Farrow (Sussex County)
2016Jon DiamondLuc Berthouze (Sussex County)Richard Brooks (Sussex County)
2015Martin LesterBrian Havill (Letchworth)Jon Diamond
2014Susan Fulford (Colchester)Alex JardineTudor Jenkins (Sussex County)
2013Martin LesterPaul Miles (Medway)David Thirtle-Watts (Hunstanton)
2012Philip Mann (Medway)Richard Brooks (Sussex County)
2011Martin LesterAnn Brookes (Reigate)Jonathan Lamb (Uruguay)
2010Richard Lea (Medway)Richard Smith (Bowdon and Chester)Jon Diamond
2009John Bateson (Medway)Alex JardineJean Cobbold (Reigate Priory)
2008John Belcher (Bromley)Mike Huxley (Guildford and Godalming)Geoff Croxford (Ivychurch)Maggie Webb (Sussex County)
2007Philip Mann (Medway)Paul Miles (Medway)John Wright (Medway)Miriam Reader
2006Philip Mann (Medway)Jon Male (Caterham)Mark HouslopGeoff Croxford (Ivychurch)
2005Eli Frith (Ivychurch)
2004Mark Homan (Watford)Jon Male (Caterham)Mike Brown (Brenzett)
2003Jon DiamondSteve Woolnough (Reading)
2002Mick Belcham
2001John Low (Sussex County)