Croquet related equipment and clothing

Ball Markers (10p each) and Divot repairers (£3.50 each)

Are available in the club house or from the Secretary.


Mallets can be bought from the Croquet Association shop. In addition there are a number of mallet makers advertising in the Croquet Gazette published by the Croquet Association (copies are in the club house).


We have a library of books for you to look at and borrow, but you may feel that you need your own copy of a particular book, especially of the laws of the game! You can get them all from the CA shop.

Other Croquet Equipment

In general you should not need any other equipment of your own, unless you’re setting up your own lawn at home, but if you’re interested in doing so we advise you to buy it from the CA.


If you play in matches or tournaments you will need to wear predominately white clothing. Although most clothing outlets can supply white short and long-sleeved shirts and shorts you may find it difficult to find trousers, jackets and especially wet-weather clothing. The CA shop supplies white fleeces, waterproof clothes etc.

Club Branded clothing and other items

We have set up an on-line shop via a third-party supplier to allow you to purchase a number of items incorporating the club logo. These include:

  • Men’s and Women’s white Polo-shirts and T-shirts (short and long-sleeved)
  • White Caps
  • Metal badges
  • Mugs and Bags

Click here to browse our shop

Please note that we do not accept any commission from this site and cannot accept any responsibility for the supply of goods via this site. However, if you would like to make a donation in respect of your purchases, preferably a Gift-Aided one, then we would be most grateful… Also we would like to know what you think about the type and quality of goods supplied and what other items you would like us to be able to supply.

We also have a supply of

  • large woven badges @ £3.50 (each member can have one of these free of charge)
  • small enamel badges @ £2.00 (each member can have one of these free of charge)
  • 56mm tin badges @ £2.00
  • 32mm ones @ £1.50

in the Stationery drawer in the Kitchen area of the club house – please put the money in the tea/coffee pot. The small badges are really only suitable for use on caps or hats.