Visitors are very welcome. Trainers or similar footwear are essential, but we provide everything else, including mallets. See the KMTV video below for more about us/croquet and also our About Us page.

New to Croquet? Come to one of our Open Days (first Sunday afternoons May to August) or on National Croquet Day usually in May for a free taster. Or why not book on one of our  Introduction to Croquet Courses?

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Our club provides a superb three lawn facility in central Tunbridge Wells, with our own clubhouse. For parking and to find us see our Location page.

We have bi-weekly informal/social club sessions with 10-25 players. Members can play at any time during our main playing season from April to September, with limited playing during the rest of the year.

We also run

  • free coaching sessions for both beginners and experienced players,
  • many internal competitions and open tournaments,
  • regular matches against other clubs in the South East and
  • an active social programme.

Croquet is a game played by 2 or 4 players with mallets, 4 balls and 6 hoops on a flat grass lawn twice the size of a lawn tennis court. There are two main versions: one learnt in 10 minutes and quite an aggressive game, the other is like snooker on grass and takes more time to master. The video below tells you more.

Want a private event for social networking or a competitive occasion? See our Private Events Page for more


Membership for the first year costs just £50! (£35 after 1st August.) Subsequently annual membership is only £100.

We are affiliated to the Croquet Association and the South East Croquet Federation.