Coaching and Refereeing

Players of both varieties of the game will benefit from coaching by experienced coaches and our annual Introduction to Croquet course is run by them.

Coaching, including that for beginners, is normally available informally each Club Afternoon and we also run special Coaching Sessions, typically a course for Association Croquet Improvers and one day sessions for Golf Croquet. Coaching is also available on request.

We also run some of the Croquet Academy’s programme of Golf Croquet courses at Tunbridge Wells. Members are entitled to a £5 discount on these courses. You need to enter via the Croquet Academy website.

As we are a member of Croquet South East you will be able to benefit from reduced prices at the Croquet Academy courses  at Southwick, which provides a wide variety of courses – mostly during each April and May.

The following members have Croquet England’s Coaching qualifications, so feel free to speak to them about coaching:

  • Association: Chris Barham (Club), Jolyon Creasey (Grade 2), Jon Diamond (Club)
  • Golf: Jon Diamond

We also have a library of books and magazines for loan free of charge to members.


Refereeing is an important consideration and you will need a Referee to rule on whether your shots are faulty or not.

We only have a few members who have Croquet England Refereeing qualifications, why don’t you add to the list. The Croquet Academy runs courses and examinations.

  • Association: Jolyon Creasey, David Dray, Robert Fulford
  • Golf: Jon Diamond, Mike Gentry