Visitors, especially novices, are welcome on one of our Open Days (the afternoons of the first Sundays of May to August) free of charge for the first visit. A guest of a Member is also free of charge for first visit only. Walk-ins on non-Open Days are expected to pay green fees.

On non-Open Days the standard visitor fee (green fee) is £5 for a half-day or £8 for a day. A guest or visitor may only “pay and play” for three sessions, after which they are expected to become a Member.

During our normal club sessions it may be possible for novices to play when not as a guest of a member, provided this is agreed in advance with a Committee Member. This is so that we can ensure tutors are available. The charge for such a two hour session is the same as for a Private Event, i.e. £17 in 2024.

Visitors who are members of another croquet club are very welcome and not subject to the three session limit. During one of our club sessions or as a guest of a member, you can use the lawns on payment of green fees. (We’re sorry you can’t just turn up to play, as our lawns are only set up when a member is present.)

Payment of the green fees is either into the Tea/coffee pot or to our bank account (contact the Treasurer for details).

All visitors must sign-in to the Visitors Book on arrival with their contact details (together with the amount paid).


Any Member may invite up to 3 guests/visitors to play croquet on a single lawn, subject to the fees above, provided that one or more lawns are not already reserved for any other event. Exceptionally, and with the prior approval from a Committee member, a Member may bring up to 7 visitors to play on a single lawn.

Please don’t invite non-players to come along on an ad-hoc basis to a Club Session; rather invite them to one of our Open Days (first Sunday pms of May-August) as this means that members won’t need to interrupt their games to help with teaching and also that we’re more likely to get a critical mass of novices at any time.

If more than 7 visitors are to be invited on an occasion this is considered to be a Private Event and the procedures detailed under the Private Events page apply. Rates must be agreed with the Chairman or Secretary beforehand.

Members are responsible for welcoming and signing in visitors, green fee payments and escorting visitors off the premises after completion of their session. This ensures amongst other things that our public liability insurance covers us for any mishap.