Membership Renewal

A donation to the Club’s maintenance and development fund. This is eligible for Gift Aid if you pay UK income or capital gains tax - if we don't have a form from you please fill in our Gift Aid document.
We're not taking membership renewal payments via credit cards/Paypal to minimise our banking costs. You will receive our bank details in your confirmation email.
For more details of our competitions see our notes here.
Entries for our New Members (AC and GC) and Family Competitions will be solicited in June/July.
Matches are both Home and Away against other clubs. Match details can be seen here. The One Ball is at Canterbury, other tournaments are usually at Southwick. We'll contact you later to discuss which leagues and tournaments are suitable for you to play in.
Our full Privacy Notice including Data Protection consents for the Croquet Association (CA) is here. You automatically become eligible to be a member of the CA at no additional cost. You can apply for CA membership online on their website citing your Full Membership of our club.