Books and other literature

We have a good supply of literature available at the Club House for borrowing by members, including:


Alternative Croquet
Croquet by James Charlton & William Thompson
The Lighter Side of Serious Croquet by David Appleton
How to play croquet: A new pocket manual Obsolete
Croquet: A bibliography by David Drazin
Queen of Games: The history of Croquet by Nicky Smith
World of Croquet by John McCullogh and Stephen Mulliner
Croquet Association: Centenary Year Book 1897-1997
Croquet Gazette many back numbers


A guide to Golf Croquet
Shortening the Odds (2 copies) by Bill Arliss
Golf Croquet Tactics by Michael Hague
*Every Shot is Tactical by Stephen Custance-Baker
History of Golf Croquet by Ray Hall


How to Play: Croquet (a step by step guide)
Croquet Secrets by John Riches, edited by Wayne Davies
Coaching Topics (several pamphlets) by John Riches
Miscellaneous Coaching Notes (extract from CA Gazette etc)
Croquet by Bill Lamb
Croquet: The Complete Guide by A E Gill
Expert Croquet Tactics (2 copies) by Keith Wylie
*Beyond Expert Croquet Tactics edited by Pete C Trimmer
Croquet Endgames by John Riches & Wayne Davies
Plus One on Time by D L Gaunt
Croquet Skills: Tactics (VHS)

These books are for borrowing by members for up to 2 weeks. Please fill in the adjacent Borrowing form.
*=recently published

We have also produced some marketing literature. Printed copies of these are available in the Club House (contact Jon Diamond for more copies) and downloadable versions on this web site: