Croquet has a handicap system that allows players of different ability levels to play games against each other with an equal probability of either player winning. When playing handicap games the weaker player receives extra turns depending on the difference between the handicaps.

We use the Croquet Association Automated Handicapping System (AHS) for both Association and Golf Croquet. This involves separate, and not necessarily related, handicaps and cards (White cards for Association and Green for Golf) to record the results of your games.

Association Handicaps range from beginners at 24 down to -3 for the top players. Golf Croquet Handicaps vary from 16 to -6 (this scale was last revised in 2016).

Details on how to use the AHS system are on the front of the cards which are available in the Club House. You can see how to fill in the Golf Handicap Card. (Filling in the Association one is a little simpler.)

Our Club Handicappers are responsible for monitoring and adjusting the handicaps of players with a handicap of more than 8 (Association) and 3 (Golf). Contact them via the Committee page. Handicappers appointed by the Croquet Association are able to adjust handicaps for players with handicaps less than these.

An analysis of our handicap spread, include a comparison with 2009, 2013 and 2016, for both Association and Golf can be seen here.