How to find us

We’re at the top of Calverley Grounds in the centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells (often mistakenly called Calverley Park which is the nearest private road).

We have limited refreshments in the Club House, but there is a cafe in our park and in the town a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and shops, many of which are open on Sundays (including M&S) on the other side of the Crescent Road car park from the club (about 5 minutes from the Club in Calverley Road).


We don’t have our own car park, but we’re about 5 minutes from the buses, station and public car park. The postcode for the closest road access to the club and the A264/Crescent Road car park just to the North of us, is TN1 2LU.

Monday-Saturday: The Crescent Road car park costs £7.00 for the day as of January 2023, by card or phone – no coins any more.

Tunbridge Wells Council details on all car parks can be seen here.

Sunday: Car parks still charge, but significantly less from 10am-5pm. However single yellow lines and most street parking bays are free of charge (check signs though as some are not). See our parking document (below) for recommendations of roads to try.

The Crescent Road Car Park can get very full – an alternative car park almost as close to the Club is at the Great Hall (between the station and Calverley Grounds). It’s more expensive for more than 4 hours though.

Please see our document about our Location and Parking for fuller information.

Walking directions from Crescent Road car park

Leave by the vehicle entrance to Crescent Road. Immediately cross the road and the entrance to the Catholic Church should be visible to your right. A few yards before this on your left you will see a stone archway. Pass through the arch; the entrance to Calverley Grounds is to your right via a footpath just before the (gated) entrance to Calverley Park. Follow the footpath for 30 yards, turning left onto a path which passes to the left of a basketball court. Our Club House is straight ahead.