Montevideo Cup

Manager and Tournament Referee: Jon Diamond

Organisation: The tournament is organised as two six player all-play-all blocks. The semi-finals are the top player in each block playing the second in the other block. The final is between the winners of these games. Other players will have the opportunity to play cross-block games in Rounds 6 and 7.

The order of players at the end of the blocks phase will be determined by the number of wins. If there is more than one player tied with the same score then the difference in hoops won/lost will be used. If this doesn’t break the tie then the number of hoops you won will be used.

Most games will be double-banked games, so don’t forget there’s another game on the lawn and use markers (NOT COINS) if you might hit a ball from the other game. Also please observe the normal practice if both games are for the same hoop that precedence is given to the game who’s ball arrived at the hoop first.

A 5-10 minute knock-up before Round 1 starts is allowed.

Please put an appropriately coloured clip on the SIDE of each completed hoop (not the top to avoid them springing off into someone’s eye) to indicate who has won the hoop to avoid any misunderstanding about the score. This will also help any spectators to work out who’s winning. After the end of the game please return the clips and the balls to corner 1.

If your ball is on the boundary you may find that the grass fringe prevents you taking a proper swing. If so please ask your opponent for relief and bring in your ball just as much as you need to in the direction you were aiming. [If there’s another ball close then you may need to move this the same amount also.]

This is the first tournament for some of you. So remember you’re joint referees for you own game, but if you have any queries about the rules or might be making a shot that could possibly be faulted, e.g. hitting another ball straight on or attempting to run a hoop at a very short distance, please call for the Referee – hold your mallet up in the air and/or go and find him.

Round timings: We’re tight on timings for this event, so please help by reporting your results promptly. Don’t forget – it’s the winner’s responsibility to report the result, otherwise you might both be given a loss by the manager!

Each game will be 13 points. There will be a time limit of 50 minutes – a hooter will blow to indicate that the game is over. (In previous years almost no game went to time.) After time has been called there will be 8 shots per game (two per ball). The result is a draw if the score is level at this point. [This is not normal practice!]

Please make sure you know your opponent when you leave the club house and whether you’re Primary or Secondary colours! There should be enough clips on each lawn.

The planned timings are:


Round 1


Round 2


Coffee break


Round 3




Round 4


Round 5




Round 6


Final round



Lawns: Lawns 1 is the closest to the club house.

Catering: The only food we provide as standard are biscuits, cakes and scones with jam for tea, but the café in the park (3 minutes downhill from the clubhouse past the basketball court) will be open for hot food (the chips come highly recommended) as are the shops in central Tunbridge Wells (5 minutes past the car park).

Your entry fee included unlimited tea, coffee, soft drinks (whatever’s in the fridge), biscuits, scones and cake at tea time – please help yourself. Alcohol is also available, but we’re not licensed to sell it, so a donation would be appreciated if you’d like to take a bottle/glass.
Final advice: Enjoy yourselves