Croquet related equipment and clothing


In general you don’t need any other equipment of your own but if you want to become a serious player then we recommend that you try several of our mallets and then order one to suit you. Mallets can be bought from the Croquet Association shop. In addition there are a number of mallet makers advertising in the Croquet Gazette published by the Croquet Association (copies are in the club house).


Suitable shoes are any with a soft flat sole, e.g. a trainer.

Clothes are generally casual. But if you play in matches or tournaments you will need to wear predominately white clothing. Although most clothing outlets can supply white short and long-sleeved shirts and shorts you may find it difficult to find white trousers, jackets and especially wet-weather clothing. You can buy these from the Croquet Association shop if you can’t buy them elsewhere.

We have a supplier who can provide white clothing with our logo on, and your name too if you want. Prices are about £15 for a polo-shirt or sweater. Please talk to the Chairman about purchasing these.


If you’re representing the club we would appreciate you wearing an identifying badge with our logo on your clothing. We have these in several forms:

  • recommended: large woven badges @ £3.50 (each member can have one of these free of charge)
  • small enamel badges @ £2.00 (each member can have one of these free of charge)
  • 56mm tin badges @ £2.00
  • 32mm ones @ £1.50

in the Stationery drawer in the Kitchen area of the club house – please put the money in the tea/coffee pot. The small badges are really only suitable for use on caps or hats.

Ball Markers

If you’re playing on a lawn at the same time as another game then you may need to move a ball from the other game, so that you can continue without interruption. To do this you need to mark the place of the ball with a marker. DO NOT USE A COIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AS SOMETIMES THESE GET ACCIDENTALLY LEFT BEHIND AND RUIN THE LAWN MOWER.

Suitable plastic markers costing 10p each are available in a jar in the club house.

It is recommended that you carry some with you if you’re playing at another club.

Divot repairers

If you damage the lawn with your mallet, e.g. a jump shot that goes wrong, please don’t just press on the grass to try to fix it. You need to tease out the ends of a cut first so that these can be butted against each other and then smooth out to make a proper invisible repair.

A golf divot repairer can be used to more easily tease out the ends that have curled underneath the edges. These cost £3.50 and are held in the stationery drawer (they’ve got a CA logo on).  You can just use it once and replace it if you feel you don’t need one of your own.


We have a library of books for you to look at and borrow, but you may feel that you need your own copy of a particular book, especially of the laws of the game! You can get them all from the Croquet Association shop.