Membership costs per calendar year (including free tuition):

  • First Year: £50 (£35 after 1st August)
  • Thereafter: £100
  • Student Membership: £35
    Note: students under 18 are not entitled to a key and may therefore only play when there is another club member present.
  • Second Club Membership: £35
  • Social Member: £35
  • Corporate Membership: please contact the Chairman to discuss this

In order to cater for exceptional or unforeseen circumstances these rates may be varied by the Club’s Officers.

You can apply and pay online using our Membership Application page.

Alternatively contact the Membership Secretary and arrangements will be made for a member to meet you at the club.

Full members are entitled to a key, to give them access to the club at all times. Since the club owns expensive equipment which can be easy to damage you will receive your key after you’ve been given a short introduction to our facilities and how to use them. Please contact the Membership Secretary to organise this. (If you need a new key then the cost will be £12, which we have to pay to the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council). The key remains the property of the Club, so please return it if you ever cease to be a member!

Each club member is also entitled to a woven badge and a metal pin one, free of charge, also available from the Membership Secretary. Additional ones are available at a cost.

Information about clothing with our logo on and some other items, such as mallets and badges, is available on our croquet equipment page.

Note: Since we are a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) any Donations over and above the normal membership fees can be declared to HMRC under Gift Aid and both you and us get a tax benefit. Click here for more details on the benefits of Gift Aid.

Our membership fee has remain unchanged since 1995, so all additional donations gratefully received!!! 


Gift Aid is a most effective way of donating to the club as the taxman adds to your gift. (You must be paying Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax for us to benefit from it though.) Moreover, if you pay higher rate tax, you get further personal tax relief.

The table below illustrates what a net gift of £100.00 produces (the figure of £100.00 is purely illustrative and is NOT an indication of what is expected):

 Basic rate tax payer40% rate tax payer
Actual Donation£100.00£133.34
Personal tax relief£33.34
Net cost of Donation£100.00£100.00
Tax recovered by club£25.00£33.34
Total received by club£125.00£166.68

If your spouse pays tax at the higher rate, but you don’t, it is more effective if the donation came from them (they don’t have to be a member). It can also be advantageous if higher-rate tax payers elect to have a gift they make now treated as if paid in the last tax year. In addition, there can be a great tax benefit in giving the club shares or other assets which are ‘pregnant’ with a Capital Gain.

Anyone wanting to discuss these matters should contact the Treasurer.

See here for more details on CASCs in general.

Here’s the HMRC GiftAid Form you need to fill in and send back to the Club Treasurer.