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Want to keep up to date with our News? Obviously you can visit our website every day and look at our Recent Posts. However, we do provide two additional ways that might fit the way you keep up to date with other information on the Internet:

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news feed
Click on this to subscribe to our news feed (needs a suitable reader, such as Leaf or Feedly)

This will keep you up to date with all our News – see our News page for more details.

Facebook Click on this image for our Facebook page which contains the news feed plus some other posts which are directly relevant (and some posts about other croquet activities and clubs)

Then you can Like our posts or Follow us, to keep up to date with all our activities.

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If you want to search for something specific on our site we recommend that you use Google like so: search text

If you can’t find something or want to correct an error please send a message to our webmaster.