Website documentation

Season Start

  • When the dates for our Open events are agreed add them as Events (in the correct Event Category) and amend the Entry Form page plus a summary Events file that can be circulated to SECF clubs (PDF format)
  • Create a NextGen gallery for the new year and ensure it’s shown on the Photo Gallery page (add to Picture Archives Album)
  • Add the AGM minutes (use Insert Media) to our Organisation page
  • Clear the Fixtures page and add the new CA/SECF fixtures when they’re released (a blank version is here)
  • When the competition draws are made clear the existing competition pages and insert the new ones (you may need to use one of the Template Pages to set up a new one)

During the Season

Apart from obviously posting news items and updating the diary (please remember to tick the correct Event Category when you create a new one otherwise it won’t have the right colour), don’t forget to update:

  • Photos into the NextGen Gallery for the year
  • Matches page whenever we have a match result
  • Competition pages regularly
  • Open Tournaments Honours Board for our Open Tournament winners
  • Honours Board when our internal competition winners are known
  • New members into the NextGen Members and People galleries (delete non-renewing members from the Members one)

Season End

  • Create a summary competitions page by copying the contents of all the results pages into a new page
  • Add a link to this into the Honours Board for the year
  • Copy the League results into a new page and add this link into the Matches table in Competitive Play
  • Add summary of the year to end of the History page


This site is built using WordPress (version 4.9 initially) and the Twenty Ten theme, with the following Plugins:

  • Child Theme Configurator for initially setting up the Child Theme, followed by hand-crafting
  • Email Address Encoder to obscure email addresses
  • Enable Media Replace (to be able to replace a Media file without renaming)
  • Formidable Forms to create the Events Entry form (a bit basic, but…)
  • NextGen Gallery
  • Simple Yearly Archive for Annual News Page
  • The Events Calendar
  • Updraft Plus for back-up etc
  • WF Cookie Consent
  • WP Google Maps (only provides one map and no tailoring, so needs replacing)- Google API key:
  • WP-Optimise for clean-up

A certain amount of tailoring of this theme has taken place into the Child theme version (style.css), including:

  • reducing the amount of space taken up by the header
  • increasing the width of the primary display area
  • reducing the font/line size
  • changing the colours of the menu display and format (header.php was changed too)
  • changing links display
  • introducing table classes for match/tournament reports (results) and competition displays (cross-sheet and knock-out) – see Templates page for good samples to use
  • providing some classes to allow for easy background displays colours
  • changing image borders and easier floating of images if not using the native WordPress stuff
  • significant changes to the styling of News Archive page

Event pages: tribe-events/list/single-event.php was changed – to move the date to before the title (changed style), encapsulate the venue and eliminate some address and meta stuff) to get to a single line list format, as well as significant theme changes, to use the Standard template, not the Tribe one, provide a Key, eliminate the end time of events in most displays etc..

General: header.php to eliminate site description, 
functions.php is needed to implement the child theme.

Other tailoring used the Dashboard to customise the Appearance (too many bits and pieces to mention)


These are added into pages either from the Insert Media button, but may be either from the NextGen gallery or the general Media one. In general you’ll want to add pictures about new events into the NextGen gallery for the year.

The formatting from these can make the pages go a bit skewed, so they’ve often been tweaked after insertion to set the width (and delete class references). Using the SinglePic option from within NextGen gallery seems to work best without tweaking, but it does put the caption beside the image…


Typically PDF files are uploaded into the Media gallery and links inserted into pages using this button.


WordPress automatically generates an RSS feed. This is linked to our Facebook page by using the Zapier service (, This is restricted to 100 posts per month at no charge.

Event posts are separately linked via Zapier to our Facebook page (sadly not to create events, just posts). We could send out an email to, say, when these events are posted this way too. (Perhaps only turning on during the season?)

Other files

Some historic and other stuff not currently used: