New Member Application

To join please fill in the form below and press Submit, then make your payment of £50 or £35 after 1st August (see details below Submit button).

1. Our clubhouse list includes members’ name, telephone number(s), email address, croquet handicaps and year of joining. (It may be difficult to manage your membership if you don’t agree to this). 2. Croquet-related correspondence refers to the occasional email or written correspondence relating to club activities or other croquet related matters that we hope may be of interest to you. Our full Privacy Notice is on this website.
Please note that when you join you are automatically eligible to be a member of the Croquet Association (CA) at no additional cost. You can apply for CA membership online on their website citing your Full Membership of our club.
Sorry we're not taking Online Payments currently as we've had some problems with our Payment Processor.