Introduction to Croquet Courses

Croquet can be a really easy game, but it really helps your enjoyment of the game if you’ve been taught the proper rules, how to hold your mallet, hit a ball properly, run hoops and make breaks.

Our one day Introduction to Croquet course provides a full introduction to the two main varieties of croquet.

We normally hold courses in April and May with later possibilities if there’s sufficient demand.

The exact dates can be seen in our .

The cost for the course is just £40 per person, and will include light refreshments.

Your membership fee for the year will be reduced to £30 if you decide to join the club and pay at the end of the course.

Don’t worry if you know nothing about croquet – this course is designed for you! Or if you have played croquet before, perhaps in the garden, but aren’t really sure about all the rules, then come along – we’ll teach you everything you need to know.

These courses will be run by a qualified coach and last from 10am to 4pm including a break for lunch and several tutored play sessions. The overall structure is:

– How to hold a mallet, hit straight and run hoops
– Golf Croquet
– Association Croquet: simple version with extra shots, making breaks
– two ball strokes
– Association Croquet: garden version, hoops per ball
– Drives and Split shots
– Simple tactics
– Starting and finishing
– Golf Croquet: further tactics

What you need is just a pair of flat soled shoes (trainers are fine) and your lunch and drinks (the cafe in the park should be open as are local shops within 5 mins walk, but queues can build up if it’s a nice day).
A free follow up session will be run at a mutually agreeable later date for those who’ve joined the club, to take you into more detail on shots, tactics and strategies.

To discuss this or for further information contact our Chief Coach, Jon Diamond, on 07885 372605 or by email:

More information about croquet and our club can be found on the rest of this website.