Open Tournaments

Golf Croquet (Montevideo Cup)

  • Date: Saturday 2nd June
  • Singles – 13-point level play
  • No handicap restrictions
  • Cost: £14

Association Handicap (Pegasus Plate)

  • Date: Saturday/Sunday 21st/22nd July
  • Singles – Association Handicap
  • Handicap 18 and below
  • Cost: £25 (£35 for non-CA Premium members)

Association High Bisquers

  • Date: Saturday 18th August
  • Singles – 14-point handicap games to base 6
  • Handicaps 16 and above
  • Cost £10

Advanced (Honeygrove Cup)

  • Date: Saturday/Sunday 1st/2nd September
  • Singles – Level Play Advanced
  • No handicap restriction
  • Cost: £25 (£35 for non-CA Premium members)

Advanced (one day)

  • Dates: Fridays 11th May, 8th June, 10th August
  • 18-point singles – Advanced, Advanced Handicap or Handicap depending on the players in each game
  • No handicap restriction
  • Cost £10

Note: our prices have increased this year, but they all now include unlimited tea, coffee and light refreshments.

For more information see the various open tournaments list on our website where there’s also an entry form. Or just email with your handicap, club and which events you’re entering.