Private Events

  • Are you looking for an original, fun, hospitality idea this summer?
  • Organising an afternoon or evening out for the office?
  • Try croquet!

A croquet party in the pleasant surroundings of our Club could provide the perfect answer for groups of between 6 and 32 players; up to 50 people including spectators.

It’s ideal for either private or corporate entertainment. Men and women, young and old, play on equal terms and it’s something that everybody can do, regardless of fitness level.

NUMBERSUsually a minimum of 4 people (but note the minimum charge below), with up to 24 people playing simultaneously. We can accommodate more non-players though – we have had 50 people on one occasion!

We need confirmed numbers one week before the event, to ensure that we have enough mentors for everyone who’s going to turn up.

EQUIPMENTWe’ll set up the lawns, provide all the equipment and have somebody on hand to show you what to do. The only thing your guests will need to bring is suitable shoes.
FACILITIESWe’ve got a pavilion with toilets, locked storage for handbags etc., small kitchen area and club room. There are plenty of good pubs and restaurants nearby to go on to afterwards.
HOSTINGWe will teach you and your guests the basics of Golf Croquet and suggest some devious tactics to outwit your opponents. But we’ll start right at the beginning – how to swing a mallet, how to hit a ball and how to go through hoops. We’ll provide one of our members for coaching and mentoring for each 4-8 players.
COMPETITIONSGames can be arranged to suit everyone’s wishes. They can be arranged on a friendly basis, where guests can choose to play as much or as little as they wish, or competitively in the form of mini-tournaments which we can organize for you. Perhaps you’ll want to provide a suitable prize for the winners (and losers)? Anyway, you tell us how competitive you want it to be.
DRESSAnyway you like, but players must wear flat-soled shoes – trainers are fine.

Women/Girls: if you want to keep pace with the guys, we suggest you wear slacks or shorts – it’s not easy to play in a tight skirt or long skirt/dress! Absolutely no stilettos or wedges!!

TIMESWe suggest a minimum of 2 hours and you can choose an afternoon or evening from May to August, starting at say 5:30 or 6pm (up to 6:30pm in June or July). In September we only run afternoon sessions as sunset is so early.

Please check our diary for dates already allocated.

PLEASE NOTE: we normally leave 2 weeks between events, to ensure both our lawns and volunteers are not too stressed.

Dates are only confirmed when we receive your deposit (see below).

FOOD AND DRINKWe can provide basic catering of your choice lawnside – or you can bring your own food and drink or have an external caterer. We’re not licensed, so can’t sell alcohol.
COSTDepends on numbers and duration, but typically £12.50 per player for a two hour session with a minimum charge of £75 (£20 per player for a 4 hour session, minimum charge £120).

For 30-40 people we allocate all three of our lawns for a two hour session at £400 or four hours at £650.

Note: we’re not registered for VAT, so these are the final prices. Please ask for an invoice if you require this before payment.

PAYMENTWe need a deposit of £50 with your initial booking. This is non-refundable in the event of cancellation – save for bad weather when it can be re-used for an alternative booking later the same year.

Final payment is due 7 days before the event for the confirmed numbers (we need to ensure that we have the right number of mentors for your event).

Payment for any additional players above the confirmed numbers is due on the day.

We can’t take any more bookings for 2019, so why not enquire earlier next year? We start taking reservations in February.

Please contact us: either email or contact our Secretary.