A league loss to Surbiton

Played on the day before the FA Cup Final, this was not so much Chelsea v Man Utd, more like Chelsea v Maidstone Utd as the anticipated 6-nil loss displayed.

Only Mick in the afternoon got anywhere near our better-ranked opponents and his game was still pretty level when halted since the others had finished and wanted away before the M25 rush-hour.

Commiserations to Jolyon who had the classic misfortune of a day’s competition without a hoop run in anger.


Jolyon Creasey (1) and Alex Jardine (2.5) lost to
Nick Parish (-1) and Nigel Polhill (-½) -17
John Greenwood (2.5) lost to Graham Brightwell (1.5) -19
Mick Belcham (5) lost to Eugene Chang (0) -15

Jolyon lost to Nick -26
Alex lost to Nigel -18
John lost to Eugene -11
Mick v Graham abandoned as a draw