Autumn Maintenance underway!

The deed is done.

After a false start on Thursday 24th, when the top dressing was delivered to the entrance of Calverley Park, but the lawns were waterlogged, so no work could take place Judges came back on the Saturday mob handed at 3 o’clock and finished just after 6.

We attempted a nominal uplift of the outside edge of lawn 3. The dressing was damp and did not spread nicely, so it looks a bit messy compared to the normal aftermath, but it will wash in flat after the first rainfall or automatic watering. (We’ve obviously had a bit of that subsequently.)

One comment was that we’re getting quite a few outcrops of ‘foreign’ couch-like grasses which cannot be removed by treatment [this is quite normal for lawns of our age] so it was suggested we might like to consider a more elaborate treatment involving skimming the top surface level and re-seeding to effectively give us new lawns. We’ll look at this option for Autumn 2021.

We’re still not sure how long we’ll be closed for as this depends on the weather and the absorption of the top-dressing and the availability of Chris Barham to drill new hoop holes, but definitely at least 3 weeks, so watch this space from the middle of October…