Club updates

All competition draws, including the Fraser Tankard, are now on the website and the Notice Board. Please note that the handicap system used for the Fraser Tankard is the new (on trial) Advantage one.

Our initial internal GC tournament was a success so we’re looking forward to Jane’s running of the season one in June.

David Pratt and Peter Player, together with Jeff Chapman, are making good progress with the refurbishment of the clubhouse and surrounds:

  • the lawns open/closed notice move to the Ball Store (to make it more visible),
  • bits and pieces of fixing in the kitchen area,
  • the banks behind the clubhouse have been cleared,
  • the rotting boards in the front of the Ball Store replaced and repainted,
  • the window grills removed, sandblasted and repainted as has the rest of the front,
  • a new loft ladder fixed (mostly), etc etc.

Outstanding work includes

  • the benches repainting in two phases and
  • the internal walls painted also in due course, with some other helpers (please).