Covid-19 emergency arrangements

In the light of the current crisis the Committee has decided that we can continue to play croquet by making it essentially a non-social activity by small numbers of people playing simultaneously, keeping at least 1-2 metres apart.

So we have decided to keep the club open, but we have cancelled Opening Day, all local tournaments, courses and social events until at least the end of April and probably much longer, and we are advising you to use your own judgement about coming to the club.

However to help you we’ve created a set of Guidelines which we hope you will observe:
Rule 1: wash hands when arriving at club and also when leaving.
Rule 2: try not to use toilets.
Rule 3: don’t use cutlery/crockery/glasses
Rule 4: preferably only use your own mallets (if you don’t have a mallet please label one of ours as yours)
Rule 5: avoid touching balls – use feet to move/position them as much as possible
Rule 6: minimise interaction in the clubhouse and keep 1-2 metres apart
Rule 7: please help others by cleaning the surfaces you may have touched with a dilute bleach solution (NHS recommendation) before you leave

But obviously observe the current NHS recommendations about movement etc., as these may change from day to day, and don’t come if you have a serious long-term health condition.

Lawns 1 and 2 are open and playable with hoop holes, but there are no white lines.

Take care, keep safe and enjoy playing croquet.