GCWC 2019 Schedule

The Championship is a best of three 13-point game block play involving 8 blocks of 10 players, followed by a knockout involving the top 4 players from each block (with play-offs for qualification if required). Time limits will not be used unless they become necessary to complete the event. Play-offs in accordance with WCF Regulations to determine progression to the knock-out stage will be arranged between contestants who finish the block stage on the same number of match wins. All matches in the knockout will be best of three, except that the quarter-finals onwards will be best of five if time permits. All games will be single banked, except in an emergency.

Players who do not qualify for the knockout stage of the Championship will proceed to the Plate event. This will be played as multiple blocks of all-play-all, single or double 13-point games, leading to an 8-player best of three knockout. The winner will receive a WCF salver.

Players who are first round losers in the knockout stage of the Championship will proceed to the Bowl event. This event will be played as a best of three 13-point game knockout. The winner will receive a WCF salver.

The Shield event will use the approach of paragraph 5.2 of Appendix 8 of the WCF Sports Regulations, and will be a best of three 13-point game knockout for those losing in the second round of the Championship. The winner will receive a WCF salver.

A Z event for all those not involved in other events on Saturday may be arranged.

Practice availability prior to the event at various of the venues can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Outline timetable:

Friday 26th July 10am-2pm: Player Registration
3:45pm-5pm: Opening Ceremony  @ Sussex County with HRH Duke of Gloucester (admission by ticket only)
5:30pm: Player Briefing
Saturday 27th July Championship: 2 rounds per player of block play
Sunday 28th July Championship: 2 rounds per player of block play
Monday 29th July Championship: 2 rounds per player of block play
Tuesday 30th July Championship: 2 rounds per player of block play
Wednesday 31st July AM: Championship: 1 round per player of block play
PM: Championship Block play-offs @ Sussex County
PM: Championship Knockout draw @ Sussex County
7pm: BBQ Social evening @ Sussex County
7:30pm: Draws for the Knockout and other events
Thursday 1st August Championship Knockout First Round @ Sussex County
Plate @ Compton, Tunbridge Wells, West Worthing
Bowl @ Sussex County
Friday 2nd August Championship quarter-finals @ Compton
Plate @ Southwick, Tunbridge Wells, West Worthing
Bowl and Shield @ Sussex County
Saturday 3rd August Championship semi-finals @ Sussex County
Plate quarter-finals and semi-finals @ Compton
Bowl and Shield semi-finals @ Sussex County
Z event @ Sussex County
Evening: Championship Players Dinner
Sunday 4th August Championship, Plate, Bowl and Shield Finals @ Sussex County
Closing Ceremony @ Sussex County.

Play will start at 9:30 am each day and continue until dusk if necessary (games are at all four venues except where noted).

Opening/Closing Ceremonies and Social Events (all at Sussex County Croquet Club)

The Opening Ceremony and Player Briefing is open to players, accompanying supporters, and officials free of charge. Players with national uniforms are invited to wear them: a group photograph will be taken.

The Closing Ceremony and Prize-giving is open to all and will take place shortly after the Championship Final is complete.  Players are requested to wear their national uniforms or whites.

A social evening will be held at the club on Wednesday 31st July, to which all players, their accompanying parents/supporters and officials are invited.

There will be a dinner for Players on Saturday 3rd August.


The following are scheduled times at the venues – please make sure that you email the contact at Compton, Royal Tunbridge Wells and Compton as only a limited number of lawns may be available, due to maintenance and lawn preparations for the event proper.

Note: Since hoops will be set into new positions for the event it is possible that the hoops during these practice times may be in old positions and at non-tournament widths. If they are in new positions then you may not be allowed to run them hard.

Wednesday 24th July am West Worthing – please email
Thursday 25th July pm Compton – please email
Royal Tunbridge Wells – please email
Friday 26th July 10:30am-2:30pm Sussex County