Fraser Tankard Rules – Golf Croquet Team League

This competition is intended to give as many people as possible experience of match play and this has been very successful in previous years.

  • We have 5 or more players per team, with only 4 players in any match.
  • Each team plays 3 matches against the three other teams, so everyone should get plenty of competitive games.
  • Each match consists of 4 singles and 2 doubles and starts at 6:15pm.
  • The order of play in the singles is by handicap, 2 lowest players play each other, next two play each other etc. Doubles pairings are at captains discretion.
  • All games are level 13-points with hoop 3 as the final hoop if needed.
    The winner of a hoop must announce the score after winning the hoop.
  • Singles games count for your (green) handicap cards – with index changes determined by reference to the “Points Exchange in Level Play” table on the card – so don’t forget to fill them in!
  • In addition to the reserves, whom you should ask first, team captains can ask ANYONE in the club to be a substitute for your team no matter their handicap.
  • The match must be played on the due date and that if a team cannot raise a full complement the captain can try to rearrange it, but if that’s not possible then will have to concede the match.
  • On one occasion a team has found they had 4 people on holiday at once, but hopefully this was an extraordinary event!
  • If the match is rained off completely it’s a draw. If you have to stop in the midst of a game the match is decided on the number of EVEN completed games, eg if you have completed 5 games you ignore the last one finished and the result will be either 2-2, 3-1 or 4-0.
  • Contact Michael Gentry  if you have any queries.

PS The car parks charge £1.50 after 6pm, but it may be cheaper to park between 5pm and 6pm and pay for one hour, which we think might run until after 8:30pm because the parking system is a bit duff!

Anyway, single yellow lines and parking bays are still usually free after 5pm at the time of writing, except outside the Town Hall (please check the times on the adjacent notices though). Why not try parking on the single yellow lines in Mountfield Gardens or Mountfield Road?