Ladder Competitions: Rules

  1. You can challenge any person up to 5 positions above you.
  2. The person challenged must fix a date within a week of being challenged which is no later than two weeks from the challenge date or you receive a walkover. You must not make or accept a challenge if you already have a ladder game outstanding.
  3. If the challenger wins they change positions with the loser, who moves down one place, as do any other players between the two players who have played the game.
  4. If the challenger loses, no change takes place.
  5. Golf: the normal format is one 13-point game
    Association: the normal format is 14-point handicap games with a 1.5 hour time limit.

    However, if you agree then you can play any format you like, e.g.
    Golf: Best of three 13-point games or a single 19-point game
    Association: 18 or 26 point games and Handicap or Advanced to a 3 hour time limit or even no time limit at all.

  6. The winner will be the player at the top of each ladder at the end of the season, provided that they have played at least one game.
  7. The ladder is meant to be a competitive, fun tournament and there is a trophy to be won. Games DO count for CA handicap cards. lf you do not have a CA handicap card, please make sure you have one and fill it in.
  8. The sequence of starting places is in mostly random order, with previous winners at the bottom!
  9. Anybody can join the ladder after it starts. Just add your name to the bottom of the list!