Many Congratulations to Jon Diamond on his Award of a Croquet Association Diploma

The CA Diploma is awarded in recognition of club members ‘who have given outstanding service to croquet over a period of time. It has nothing to do with playing prowess and all about helping others’.

The club’s nomination states:


Jon joined the Royal Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club in 2000 after being introduced to the game by an ex-colleague. An active member from the start, he joined the club’s management committee in 2004 and was elected Chairman in 2006, the role he has held to date. A keen player of both AC and GC, Jon qualified as a GC referee in 2008 and as a coach in 2015.

He plays a key role in guiding all aspects of the club’s activities and is directly involved in many areas. He runs regular AC and GC club coaching sessions and organises, as well as manages, the club’s internal competitions and open tournaments. The club receives a very welcome financial boost from the several private events which he organises each year, ably assisted in their delivery by the club members.

Jon designed the club and the South East Croquet Federation websites and he continues to maintain them both. He spends a good deal of time keeping their comprehensive content up-to-date so that they continue to provide valuable sources of information, current and historical.

His “Introduction to Croquet” courses, which he runs two or three times at the start of each season, have taught the basics of AC and GC to many members of the public over the years and have been instrumental in the club reaching its current record membership.page1image65822848

His enthusiasm for the game and welcome extended to the participants of these courses has provided a steady flow of new members to the club. Jon is always eager to hand on his knowledge which is much appreciated by all members both new and long standing.