2010 SECF League and CA matches

Croquet Association: Mary Rose Cup (Advanced: handicap 0+)
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Medway Home 28th June Won by walk-over
East Dorset Southwick 22rd July Lost 2:4 William Ormerod (0) and David Williams (0.5) bt Alex Jardine (0) and Jolyon Creasey (1.5) +26, David Price (1.5) lost to John Hobbs (3.5) -1, John Crowe (2.5) lost to Jon Diamond (1.5) -10, William Ormerod bt Alex Jardine +24, David Williams bt Jolyon Creasey +11, David Price bt Jon Diamond +3 (the match between John’s Crowe and Hobbs was unfinished)

SECF Association U League
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Compton Home 5th July Lost 2:3 We could get only 3 players and their four were reduced to three with Roger Wood hurting his back. But they could have produced a fourth if required. We agreed to play with just three.
Alex Jardine & Mick Greagsby beat Graham Thomson and Mike Cockburn +10 and John Hobbs just lost to Craig Oakley -5.
In the afternoon John beat Graham +5, but Alex lost to Craig -15 and Mick lost to Mike -1 on time. That was the last full day that Mick will play this year.
Canterbury Away 6th September Won 5:2 Alex Jardine (1) & Jeff Chapman (16) lost to Roger Loram (1) & Peter Jones (14) -8, John Hobbs (3.5) beat Yvonne Hill (12) +8, Jon Diamond (1.5) beat Brenda Perres (13) +7, Alex lost to Roger -25, Jon beat Yvonne +4, John beat Brenda +3, Jeff beat Peter +4t
A solid performance on a gloomy and sometimes damp day. Jon had a strange day: running hoop 5 rather than 2-back in the morning and then in the afternoon rover the wrong way, followed by penult the wrong way and was only stopped in the middle of the peg-out! Still, he managed to recover, only to miss his second peg-out and pegged out one of the balls. Yvonne then hit in and as she was as penult & penult had a good opportunity to win, but eventually Jon hit one of her balls and finished (phew).
Alex couldn’t seem to hit much, but in any event Roger’s handicap needs to be reduced as he used his bisques to perfection and, not allowing Alex any real opportunities, won easily. John and Jeff played less well than they liked, but still managed to scratch out wins.
Ramsgate Home 23rd September  
Reigate Priory B Home 11th July Lost 3:4 Jeff Chapman and John Hobbs won the doubles +5 vs. Geoff Gunton and John Timberlake. Richard Mann beat Neil Coote +16. But Mick Greagsby lost to Andy Gray -9 and as you know he was not a well man.
In the afternoon John lost to Neil -8, but Mick won against Geoff +4 and the decider was Jeff against John, but they went to time and Jeff lost.

SECF Association B League
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Ivychurch Home 23rd August Lost 1:2 Richard Mann & Ray Meech won the Doubles, Jeff Chapman and Miriam Reader lost the Singles
Sussex County Away  
Medway Home 16th September    
Reigate Priory Home 1st July Lost 0:3 Doubles: Richard Mann & Ray Meech 6 Tim Hazell and John Copper 26
Singles: Miriam Reader 8 John Knight 26, Jeff Chapman 12 John Bristow 20

SECF Golf Level League
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Compton Home 11th July Lost 2.5:4.5 Morning: Frank Gunstone (4) and Duncan Cox (6) lost to Graham Thompson and Ann Jarman 6-7, 7-0, 5-7; Derek Heath (7) lost to George Williams 7-6, 4-7, 4-7; Derek Crocombe (8) lost to Hilary Smith 4-7, 7-3, 4-7
Afternoon: Frank Gunstone lost to Graham Thompson 5-7, 7-6, 4-7; Duncan Cox beat Ann Jarman 4-7, 7-4, 7-2; Derek Heath drew with Hilary Smith 7-6, 6-7; Derek Crocombe beat George Williams 7-4, 7-3
Dulwich Away 28th July Lost 1:6 Still outclassed by the opposition and with one lawn surprisingly wet (not just damp) in the middle due to over vigorous watering, we faded in the afternoon.
Morning: Jon Diamond (2) & John Hobbs (3) lost to Pierre Beaudry (0) & Ed Dymock (2) 5-7, 4-7; Ray Meech (7) lost to David Collins (3) 2-7, 1-7; Derek Heath (7) beat Gloria Watson (6) 7-3, 7-2
Afternoon: Jon Diamond lost to Pierre Beaudry 4-7, 4-7; John Hobbs lost to Ed Dymock 6-7, 7-5, 3-7; Derek Heath lost to David Collins 3-7, 3-7; Ray Meech lost to Gloria Watson 6-7, 7-4, 4-7
Surbiton Home 19th July Won by walk-over
Ramsgate Away 16th July Lost 1:6 Thoroughly outclassed this time on a mostly sunny, but blustery day – Ramsgate had an average handicap of 1.25 vs ours of 4.75!
Morning: Jon Diamond (2) & Frank Gunstone (4) lost to James Goodbun (0) & David Dray (0) 2-7, 3-7; Duncan Cox (6) lost to Bob Ellis (2) 6-7, 5-7; Derek Heath (7) lost to Graham Wallin (3) 3-7, 5-7
Afternoon: Jon Diamond beat James Goodbun 4-7, 7-5, 7-6; Frank Gunstone lost to David Dray 2-7, 3-7; Duncan Cox lost to Graham Wallin 4-7, 6-7; Derek Heath lost to Bob Ellis 3-7, 6-7

SECF Golf Handicap League
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Ivychurch Home 2nd September Lost 2:7 The winners were Duncan Cox vs. Geoff Croxford (6) by 7:6 and Derek Crocombe vs. Paddy Croxford (10) by 7:3. Ray Meech and John Hobbs just lost to Paddy Croxford and Eli Frith (6) by 6:7 and in the afternoon Ray and Derek just lost to Paddy Croxford and Jill Body (9) by 6:7, so games were close and their handicaps seemed reasonable. John Hobbs lost to Geoff by 4:7 and to Eli 5:7, both using their 3 bisques usefully.
Compton Away 3rd August Won 8:1 Round 1 Doubles: Frank Gunstone (4) & Ray Meech (7) beat Brian Ware (5) & Ann Ellison (11) 7-4; Derek Heath (7) & Derek Crocombe (8) beat Carter Moody (7) & Pat Lawford (9) 7-3
Round 2 Singles: Derek Heath lost to Carter Moody 5-7; Frank Gunstone beat Brian Ware 7-4; Derek Crocombe beat Ann Ellison 7-3; Ray Meech beat Pat Lawford 7-3
Round 3 Singles/Doubles: Derek Heath beat Ann Ellison 7-2; Derek Crocombe beat Carter Moody 7-5; Frank Gunstone & Ray Meech beat Brian Ware & Pat Lawford 7-5
Medway Home 9th September Lost 3:6 Round 1 Doubles:
Ros Cheesman & Brian Wade beat Frank Gunstone & Duncan Cox 7-6, John Wright & Julian Smith beat John Moore & Ray Meech
Round 2 Singles:
John Wright (7) beat Frank Gunstone (4) 7-4, Brian Wade (7) beat Duncan Cox (6) 7-5, Ros Cheesman (8) lost to John Moore (4) 4-7, Julian Smith (9) lost to Ray Meech (7) 2-7
Round 3 Singles/Doubles:
Julian Smith (9) beat Duncan Cox (6) 7-4, Ros Cheesman (8) lost to Ray Meech (7) 6-7, John Wright & Brian Wade beat John Moore & Frank Gunstone 7-4
Ramsgate Home 28th August Won 6:3 Round 1 Doubles: Duncan Cox & Derek Heath beat C. Rice & J. Frankish 7-6, Ray Meech & Derek Crocombe beat C. Parish & E. West 7-5
Round 2 Singles: Duncan Cox (6) beat C. Rice (4) 7-6, Derek Heath (7) lost to C. Parish (8) 5-7, Ray Meech (7) beat J. Frankish (9) 7-3, Derek Crocombe (7) beat E. West (9) 7-4
Round 3 Singles/Doubles: Ray Meech lost to C. Rice 4-7, Derek Crocombe lost to C. Parish 3-7, Duncan Cox & Derek Heath beat J. Frankish & E. West 7-6