2012 League matches

SECF Association A League: Won 0 Lost 4, 6th/6
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Sussex County Home 25th August Lost 1:6 Lovely day (mostly), but not the results:
AM: Jon Diamond (1) & Jolyon Creasey (2) lost to Paul Castell (0.5) and Luc Berthouze (2) -7, John Hobbs (3) beat Jeff Rushby (6) +4, Richard Mann (6) lost to John Taylor (3) -16
PM: Jon Diamond lost to Paul Castell -18, Jolyon Creasey lost to Luc Berthouze -17, John Hobbs lost to John Taylor and Richard Mann lost to Jeff Rushby -8
Dulwich Away 29th August Lost 1:5 Outclassed (again). Barney’s first outing in an Advanced match was quite good for him (not a win, but played well), however we didn’t come up to scratch against a significantly stronger team.
AM: Jon Diamond (1) & Jolyon Creasey (2) lost to Mark Ormerod (-1) & Simon Whiteley (1.5) -19, John Hobbs (3.5) lost to Pierre Beaudry (2) -17, Barney Lewis (8) lost to Edward Dymock (2) -14
PM: Jon Diamond (1) lost to Mark Ormerod -25, Jolyon Creasey beat Simon Whiteley +4, Barney Lewis (8) lost to Pierre Beaudry, John Hobbs v Edward Dymock did not finish
Medway Home 3rd September Lost 2:4 A welcome return by Mick Greagsby and a slightly better result thanks to John Hobbs against a fairly evenly matched opposition – must try harder…
AM: Jon Diamond (1) & Jolyon Creasey (2) lost to Alex Jardine (0.5) & David Parkins (1) -1, Mick Greagsby (3) lost to Paul Miles (2) -19, John Hobbs (3.5) beat John Bateson (6) +6
PM: Jon lost to Alex -5, Jolyon lost to David -2 and John beat Paul +16
Woking Away 10th September Lost 1:6 With their worst player as good as our best we struggled again. Jolyon and Jon notched up their first doubles win against a stronger pair, but the rest was almost a foregone conclusion. John Hobbs should have won one of his singles, but for an unfortunate incident with a peg…

SECF Association U League: Won 2 Lost 2, 6th/15
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Compton Home 16th July Won 6:1  
Purley Bury Away 4th August Lost 1:6  
Ramsgate Home 25th June Won by walk-over  
Reigate Priory B Home 21st July Lost 3:4 John Hobbs should have won his game, but too many mistakes. Geoff Croxford played well as did Jeff Chapman. Richard Mann had a bad day.

SECF Golf Restricted Level League: Won 2 Lost 2, 6th/11
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Woking Home 21st May Lost 2:5 Our first match of the season was against Woking, who usually play teams from further west, so it was a first for most of us and they thought our facilities were excellent – it helped that we laid on quite good weather.

Unfortunately we also decided to be rather generous and although virtually every match went to three games and most of those seemed to be 7-6 or 7-5 in the third game we only managed to win two matches; Well done to Mike Gentry and Derek Crocombe.

We now have a long wait for our next match and as we have been told we are going to get some good weather we must get out there and practice.

Medway Home 3rd August Won 5:2 We had a very good morning with Derek Crocombe and John Skates winning their singles matches and John Moore and Duncan Cox winning the doubles, so 3-0 at lunch time.

The afternoon was 4 singles matches and John Moore and Derek won to ensure our victory but John Skates lost and in the final match Duncan lost at the Golden Hoop.

Reigate Priory Home 20th August Lost 2:5 Reigate put out their strongest team against us on a lovely sunny day and despite some close games they proved too strong.

Both John Moore and John Skates beat their 4th player, but these were our only successes. Mike Gentry and Duncan Cox were unlucky to lose the doubles match at the “golden hoop” on the deciding game, with Duncan ideally lined up to run the hoop Ian Cobold hit his partners ball (unintended) and then rolled directly between Duncan’s ball and the hoop. When things are going against you so does the luck!

West Worthing Away 11th September Won 5:2 Our R League team travelled to West Worthing on what proved to be a fine day with very hospitable hosts.
The first session was one doubles which John Moore and Richard Mann lost and two singles with both John Skates and Derek Heath winning.
The afternoon session was 4 singles and although John Moore lost (his opponent was a 2 handicap, but had been a 3 when the match was arranged) all the other 3 matches were won by out team, for whom Richard was playing for the first time.
The match result was thus a 5-2 victory which was a pleasing way to end the season.

SECF Golf Handicap League: Won 3 Lost 1, 7th/28
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Sydenham Home 13th July Won 6:3 We made a successful start in the golf handicap league on 13th July by defeating Sydenham by 6 games to 3. the morning doubles were shared at one each but we won three of the 4 morning singles with John Hobbs, Derek Crocombe and Carolyn Gunstone (in her first match for the club) all triumphant.

The afternoons play consisted of two singles and one doubles and whilst our doubles pair lost Derek and Ray Meech both won their singles to make it a good day for the home side.

Ivychurch B Home 23rd July Lost 3:6 In accordance with our policy of giving some of our less experienced players match play we fielded Kate Sander, Barbara Tasker and Sandy Smith together with Ray Meech as captain. Ray, Barbara and Kate all won a singles, but we failed to win a single doubles game and lost. Our opponents were all very high handicapers, so only Sandy did not have to give bisques and Ray had to give 5 which is quite a lot.
Cheyney Home 27th July Won 5:4 We continued our policy of giving experience to players who had never represented the club at Golf, on this occassion Angela and Jeff Chapman and Lister Fielding, with Duncan Cox as captain. We started badly by losing both the opening doubles, but then had a good singles round with Duncan, Angela and Jeff all winning and Lister only losing on the golden hoop.

Lunch followed before we had to make a tactical decision on the afternoon pairings. In the end we decided to play both Chapmans in the singles, as Duncan would have to give away several bisques. This proved to be a successful strategy as Jeff won his game and Lister and Duncan won their doubles to record a win for the home team.

Ramsgate Away 17th August Won 7:2 When did a team from TW last go to Ramsgate and win?

Well we did today. It was a really beautiful day and the lawns were lightening fast, so it took us a while to get adjusted. However the first pair of doubles saw two victories and then Duncan, John Moore and Jeff Chapman all won their singles before lunch to give us an unassailable 5-1 lead.

After a very nice lunch Duncan and Jeff both won their singles – this means Jeff is undefeated in all his games for the club this season – and although John Moore and John Skates lost their doubles at the “golden hoop” we came away with a comfortable victory.

The handicap team(s) have thus completed their programme with 3 wins out of 4, a big improvement on last year.