2014 League matches

SECF Association A League – Won 2, Lost 2
OpponentLocationDateResultIndividual Results
DulwichAway28th AugustWon 4:3Our first win in this league after 4 years and 14 matches!

Congratulations to Alex Jardine, Jolyon Creasey, Mick Belcham and John Hobbs.

Sussex CountyHome2nd SeptemberWon 5:2Our second win in this League!! They did put out rather a weak team though, with only 1 player below a handicap of 2.5.
SurbitonAway15th JulyLost 2:5An improvement on last year’s result, but we’d still like them to put out a C team!

AM: Alex Jardine (1) & Jon Diamond (1.5) lost to George Noble (-1.5) & Sam Murray (-0.5) -16, John Hobbs (3.5) lost to Andy Dibden (1.5) -8 and Mick Belcham (4.5) beat Mary Knapp (1.5) +13

Alex lost to George -26tp, Jon lost to Sam -6, John beat Mary +3 and Mick lost to Andy -13

In fact we had a number of opportunities to do better that we spurned – John missed taking a lift and also left two balls on B baulk when a lift was due… But the most obvious was Jon failing at Rover from one foot with his second ball, when he was all set up to peg out one of Sam’s balls and then go into a (hopefully winning) 3-ball ending.

WokingHome9th SeptemberLost 2:5A slightly weaker and late arriving Woking team than usual (thanks M25!) gave us some hope this year, especially as we ended the morning one game all and the other with Alex well in the lead.

Sadly this was not to be as we lost 3 games in the afternoon. Jon was unusually incompetent in a tough game anyway. Jolyon and John couldn’t quite get it together, although they had chances. And finally although Alex won his difficult game, he couldn’t quite close out the other one and the match ended with a comprehensive defeat at 6:30pm.

SECF Association U League – Won 1, Lost 3
OpponentLocationDateResultIndividual Results
ComptonHome8th SeptemberWon 5:2 
RamsgateAway18th AugustLost 1:6Only Mick Belcham managed a win….
Reigate Priory AHome14th AugustLost 1:6Richard Mann was the only winner, of his singles game, with John Hobbs unable to hit anything reliably and John & Geoff Croxford losing the doubles without making a hoop…
Sussex CountyAway4th SeptemberLost 3:4A clean sweep in the morning of the 3 games was followed by a whitewash in the 4 in the afternoon…

SECF Golf Level Restricted League
Won 2 Lost 2
OpponentLocationDateResultIndividual Results
MedwayHome27th JuneWon 6:1 
LittlehamptonAway19th SeptemberLost 0:7 
RamsgateHome11th SeptemberWon 6:1 
DulwichAway24th JulyLost w/o 

SECF Golf Handicap League – Team A – Won 1, Lost 3
OpponentLocationDateResultIndividual Results
DulwichHome29th AugustLost 4:5 
CaterhamAway11th JuneLost 3:6 
Old CollegeHome19th MayWon 4:3 
RamsgateAway14th JulyLost 2:7 
SECF Golf Handicap League – Team B – Won 1, Lost 3
OpponentLocationDateResultIndividual Results
MertonHome21st JulyLost 2:7 
Reigate PrioryHome9th JuneLost 2:7 
RoehamptonHome11th AugustWon 5:4 
EalingAway1st SeptemberLost 4:5