2015 Competitions

Spa Salver

BLOCK AJolyon CreaseyJon DiamondBrian KitchingJohn HobbsWINSPosition
Jolyon CreaseyX-1  0 
Jon Diamond +1X+16+931
Brian Kitching -16X 0 
John Hobbs -9 X0 
BLOCK BMick BelchamRichard MannJohn GreenwoodAlex JardineWINSPosition
Mick BelchamX+25+13+1331
Richard Mann-25X-15+613
John Greenwood-13+15X+2022
Alex Jardine-13-6-20X04

FINAL: Jon Diamond beat Mick Belcham +16

Lustau Cup

BLOCK AMick BelchamJon DiamondGeoff CroxfordBrian KitchingWINSPosition
Mick BelchamX +26-7-20t12
Jon Diamond -26X-12t+2214
Geoff Croxford+7+12tX+5t31
Brian Kitching+20t-22-5tX13
BLOCK BJeff ChapmanJohn GreenwoodJolyon CreaseyJohn TimmisWINSPosition
Jeff ChapmanX-302
John Greenwood+3X11
Jolyon CreaseyX 
John TimmisX 
BLOCK CBarney LewisJohn HobbsChris BarhamAlex JardineWINSPosition
Barney LewisX-10-16+2213
John Hobbs+10X+10+831
Chris Barham+16-10X+1822
Alex Jardine-22-8-18X04

SEMI-FINAL A: Chris Barham beat Geoff Croxford +7T

SEMI-FINAL B: John Hobbs beat John Greenwood +3

FINAL: Chris Barham beat John Hobbs +13

Calverley Cup

by 1 June
by 14 July
by 1 September
 Barney LewisBarney Lewis
Mark HouslopMark Houslop
Jeff ChapmanJeff Chapman
Jon Diamond
Jolyon CreaseyGeoff Croxford
Mark Houslop
 Geoff Croxford
Mick BelchamMark Houslop
Mark Houslop
 John TimmisRichard Mann
Chris Barham
Richard MannRichard Mann
 Alex Jardine
Chris BarhamChris Barham
Chris Barham
John Hobbs
 Brian Kitching

Howell Cup

For the first time we’ve run this as an organised tournament day, albeit with supervised games. Mick Belcham was manager and assisted by Jon Diamond, Mick Greagsby, John Greenwood and Alex Jardine.

In total we had 10 players, only 2 having been club members for more than a year  and with 3 for only half the day. This is a record for this event in living memory!

John Moore finally won. Well deserved, but it was pretty close.

Miriam Reader Memorial Doubles

by 1 July
by 1 September
Jon Diamond & Kate SanderJon Diamond & Kate Sander
Jon Diamond & Kate Sander
Mick Greasby & Mark Houslop
Alex Jardine & John Moore
John Hobbs & Richard SmithGeoff Croxford & Chris Barham
Geoff Croxford & Chris Barham
Brian Kitching & Derek CrocombeJolyon Creasey & Ann Bolland
Mick Greasby & Mark Houslop
Jolyon Creasey & Ray Meech
Mick Greasby & Mark HouslopMick Greasby & Mark Houslop
Barney Lewis & Jeff Chapman

Lewis Shield

Held on Saturday  25th July as an all-play-all event. Barney Lewis narrowly won the decider against Jeff Chapman by +2 on time and qualifies for the Regional Final at Surbiton.

Barney Lewis3
Jeff Chapman2
Richard Mann1
Alex Jardine0

Kitching Rose Bowl

by 1 June
by 14 July
by 1 September
Jon DiamondRichard Mann
Bob Fordham
Geoff Croxford
7-5, 7-6
Geoff Croxford
7-5, 7-6
Richard Mann
Bob FordhamBob Fordham
John Hobbs
Duncan CoxGeoff CroxfordGeoff Croxford
7-5, 5-7, 7-4
Geoff Croxford
Michael SanderMichael Sander
7-4, 7-6
Derek Crocombe
John MooreJeff ChapmanKate SanderKate Sander
Jeff Chapman
Kate SanderKate Sander
Ray Meech
Mike GentryMike Gentry
7-4, 7-6
Sandy Smith
Richard Smith
Jolyon CreaseySandy Smith
Sandy Smith

Hunter Plate

BLOCK ADerek CrocombeGeoff CroxfordDuncan CoxJeff ChapmanWINSPosition
Derek CrocombeX 5-77-21/2 
Geoff Croxford X6-7 0/1 
Duncan Cox7-57-6X7-231
Jeff Chapman2-7 2-7X0/2 
BLOCK BDerek HeathJohn SkatesJohn GreenwoodRichard ClarkWINSPosition
Derek HeathX4-77-613
John Skates7-4X4-712
John Greenwood6-77-4, 7-4X21
Richard ClarkX 
BLOCK CJon DiamondFrank GunstoneSandy SmithCarolyn GunstoneMike SanderWINSPosition
Jon DiamondX7-57-47-67-341
Frank Gunstone5-7X 7-57-62/32=
Sandy Smith4-7 X7-37-22/32=
Carolyn Gunstone6-75-73-7X7-414
Mike Sander3-76-72-74-7X05
BLOCK DJohn HobbsRichard MannJohn MooreJolyon CreaseyWINSPosition
John HobbsX7-67-221
Richard Mann 6-7X4-703
John Moore2-77-4X12
Jolyon Creasey –X 

SEMI-FINAL 1: Duncan Cox beat John Greenwood 7-6,3-7,7-5

SEMI-FINAL 2: Jon Diamond beat John Hobbs 5-7, 7-3, 7-6

FINAL: Jon Diamond beat Duncan Cox 7-5, 7-6

Golf High Bisquers

BLOCK AKate SanderRichard SmithBob BruceFrank ParrWINSPosition
Kate SanderX7-5, 5-7, 6-77-4, 3-7, 6-77-113
Richard Smith5-7, 7-5, 7-6X1-2 (games)7-2, 7-622
Bob Bruce4-7, 7-3, 7-62-1 (games)X7-2, 7-331
Frank Parr1-72-7, 6-72-7, 3-7X04
BLOCK BSandy SmithBarbara TaskerBob FordhamWINSPosition
Sandy SmithX6-7, 7-1, 4-7 03
Barbara Tasker7-6, 1-7, 7-4X6-7, 5-712
Bob Fordham 7-6, 7-5X11

Final:  Bob Bruce beat Bob Fordham 4-7, 7-4, 7-4

Fraser Tankard – Teams

 Reverend’s RocketsMoore’s MarvelsMichael’s MightiesCox’s PippinsDerek’s DragonsWINSDRAWSLOSSESPosition
Reverend’s RocketsX2-42-43-33-31345
Moore’s Marvels4-2X5-13-33-33323
Michael’s Mighties4-21-5X0-62-42244
Cox’s Pippins3-33-36-0X3-33411
Derek’s Dragons3-33-34-23-3X26 2

Team A – Reverend’s Rockets: Mike Gentry (captain),  Richard Smith, Jo Smith, Richard Mann, Barbara Payne

Team B – Moore’s Marvels: John Moore (captain), Kate Sander, Barbara Tasker, Barney Lewis

Team C – Michael’s Mighties: Mike Sander (captain), Jeff Chapman, John Skates, Bob Bruce, Sonia Lawrence

Team D – Cox’s Pippins: Duncan Cox (captain), Frank Gunstone, Carolyn Gunstone, Sandy Smith, Lister Fielding

Team E – Derek’s Dragons: Derek Crocombe (captain), Angela Chapman, Bob Fordham, Roy Turner