2015 League matches

SECF Association A League – lost 3
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Ealing Home   Not played  
Sussex County Away 27th July Lost 0:7 A very breezy game with the old shower greeted us at Southwick and the usual hospitality. Unfortunately this didn’t extend to the playing!

Not surprisingly Jolyon and Jon lost both their games against much stronger opposition, although they got into the games. Sadly John and Alex underperformed a bit.

AM: Jolyon Creasey (1) and Jon Diamond (1.5) lost to Luc Berthouze (-1.5) and Alan Cottle (-0.5) -14, John Hobbs (3.5) lost to Peter Pullin (1.0) -8, Alex Jardine lost to Liz Farrow (3.5) – 13
PM: Jolyon Creasey lost to Luc Berthouze -8, Jon Diamond lost to  Alan Cottle -18TP, John Hobbs lost to Liz Farrow -14, Alex Jardine lost to Peter Pullin -10

Surbiton Home 10th September Lost 2:5 John Hobbs played well in the doubles, which we won and then kept missing all the 20 yard shots that Ed Dymock left him and lost by 23. Alex was the other winner, which is good news. Their handicaps were -1.5, 1.5, 2 and 2, so we were outclassed.

The extraordinary thing is that one singles match in the morning went on  for 4hrs 20mins and we finished the day with two timed games ending at 6.45.

Woking Away 15th September Lost 0:7 The result says it all. We weren’t totally outclassed by handicap, but none of us could get it together enough to trouble the scorers – all games were lost by 13 or more…

SECF Association U League – won 1 lost 2
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Ramsgate Home 7th August Lost 1:6 The visitors “complained” about how slow our lawns are (quite fast compared to our normal speed actually), but they seemed to have adapted quite well considering the results of the match!

The morning wasn’t too bad, with Jeff winning his game, so a win was possible, but none of our players seem to have turned up in the afternoon…

AM: Jon Diamond (1.5) & Mick Belcham (4.5) lost to Tony Mockett (6) +9, Barney Lewis (9) lost to Charlie Martin (5) +4, Jeff Chapman (12) beat Douglas Cossey (8) +11
PM: Jon lost to Charlie +26, Mick lost to Tony +17, Barney lost to Douglas +3, Jeff lost to Lee +3

Medway Away   Not played  
Reigate Priory B Home 22nd August Lost 1:6  
Compton Away 19th August Won 4:3  

SECF Golf Level Restricted League – won 2 lost 2
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Dulwich Home 29th June Lost by disqualification Due to an unfortunate accident our team had a total handicap of 15 and the league rules specify a minimum of 16, so we were disqualified.
Medway Away 9th July Won 6:1 It was a lovely sunny day when the Golf Restricted League team travelled to Medway.

The morning games saw us establish a 3-0 lead with Mike Gentry and Derek Crocombe winning their doubles and Frank Gunstone and Duncan Cox winning their singles.

After a nice lunch Mike, Derek and Frank won their singles but Duncan lost but the result was a comfortable 6-1 win.

Reigate Priory Home 8th June Lost 3:4 We started well with Frank Gunstone and Duncan Cox won their singles and despite Geoff Croxford and Derek Crocombe losing their doubles we went into lunch 2-1 ahead and this soon became 3-1 when Duncan won his reverse singles. However Frank and Geoff both lost so it was 3 all.

Derek had a very slow opponent – the doubles in which he played was timed out – and the first game which he lost took an hour. An hour later he struggled to a win so, with people leaving due to the late hour he began again.

Watching was little short of torture as he, in his own words, kept missing hoops, but even so he struggled to 6-6 before losing at the golden hoop – almost on the point of being timed out again – the game and the match.

Reigate left very happy and very complimentary about our facilities and the excellent lunch provided by Carolyn.

Woking Home 27th July Won 4:3 We met Woking on a dull grey day and by lunch were feeling a bit grey as Mike Gentry and Geoff Croxford had lost their doubles and Duncan Cox his first singles, although John Moore kept us in things with a hard fought victory.

After lunch John and Duncan both won their reverse singles but Mike lost his game and everything hung on Geoff’s final game, literally final as it went all the way to the third game before Geoff won 7-4 in the decider. So a win for TW.

SECF Golf Handicap League – won 3 lost 1
Opponent Location Date Result Individual Results
Caterham Home 15th June Won 5:4 A day that started with poor weather but did improve steadily.
The opening doubles were shared with John Moore and Bob Bruce winning and Duncan Cox and Sandy Smith losing.Duncan had a bad day at the office then losing both his singles but John, despite giving away bisques won both his singles and when Bob, in only his third game of the season, and Sandy both won their singles, we had won the match despite Sandy and Bob losing the final doubles.
Dulwich A Away 3rd August Won 6:3  
Ivychurch Home 18th May Won 5:4 On a really horrible day for croquet we entertained our old friend from Ivychurch for our first golf handicap league game of the season.

We made a bad start with Mike Gentry and Sandy Smith losing there doubles to Eli Frith and Paddy Croxford and then Lister Fielding and Duncan Cox losing to Pat Frith and Andrew Sindon.

The first round of singles then followed and although Lister and Duncan won Mike and Sandy lost so we went into lunch 4-2 down and knowing we had to win all three of the afternoon matches.

Sandy and Lister then won a very tight match 7-6 before Duncan beat Eli 7-5 – having the benefit of bisques – which left it up to the captain to do the decent thing and win his own game 7-5 and us the match 5-4.

Sydenham Home 17th August Lost 2:7 In the final game of the season the previously unbeaten TW side met  Sydenham, a side without a win to its name, the result, a thrashing for TW, the reason – Simon Carter.

Simon is one of the country’s best players and he not only won his singles easily, but he guided his doubles partners expertly to win both their matches, and we have to say his number two player who was a 4 also won both her matches against lower handicap opposition.

Had we known Simon was coming – it was his first game of the season for Sydenham – we would have called up Jon Diamond who, as Simon says, seems to beat me every time! As it was we lost 7-2 with only Duncan winning his matches.