Southern Challenge Division 2 South

We entered a team for this for the time time on Saturday and Sunday the 17 and 18th June at Southwick. On the Saturday the weather was a pleasant 24 degrees and we missed the storms predicted, but on the Sunday we were not so lucky as the weather dropped to around 22 degrees and at around 3pm or a bit later the skies opened and we had torrential rain with thunder; and by vote it was cancelled with the winners declared were the ones in the lead at that point – Compton.

On Saturday Dennis Cruse, Dave Grimshaw, Michael Sander, John Allen and myself played and unfortunately we didn’t win many matches, but we had fun trying. We soon realised that even at Division 2 Level most players were under 5 with one -1 so it was not surprising we only won 3 matches! Unbeknownst the organiser decided to have the last game end when the match finished and typically as the ones travelling the furthest and in one car we didn’t get home until 10ish! Had we been informed I think we would have kept to the 5.30pm finish. We ended up being the last to leave.

On Saturday it was John Allen again, Dan Crocombe, Kate Sander, Derek Crocombe and myself and we won 3 matches again so pro rata we did a little better. We came last but we all had a lot of fun, however it was difficult recruiting a team on Father’s Day hence John Allen played on both days.

It was a lovely weekend and I felt we would all be willing to play again.

Jane Smith