2021 Competitions


Spa Salver

BLOCK AChris BarhamMick BelchamDavid DrayWINSPosition
Chris BarhamX-21
Mick BelchamX-18
David Dray+21+18X21
BLOCK BJohn GreenwoodTimothy LukeJolyon CreaseyJon DiamondWINSPosition
John GreenwoodX+13t-813
Timothy Luke-13tX+2t12
Jolyon CreaseyX
Jon Diamond+8-2tX11

FINAL: David Dray beat Jon Diamond +4

Lustau Cup

BLOCK AChris BarhamJolyon CreaseyJeff ChapmanWINSPosition
Chris BarhamX1
Jolyon CreaseyX
Jeff ChapmanX
BLOCK BTimothy LukeBarney LewisMick BelchamWINSPosition
Timothy LukeX+6+2321
Barney Lewis-6X-503
Mick Belcham-23+5X12

FINAL: Timothy Luke beat Chris Barham +4t

Calverley Cup

by 14 June
by 25 July
by 1 September
Chris BarhamMick Belcham
Mick Belcham
Jack Ingle
Jack Ingle
Mick Belcham
Timothy Luke
Jeff ChapmanJack Ingle
Jack Ingle
Jack Ingle
Barney Lewis
Andrew MossRichard Mann
Jolyon Creasey
Richard Mann
John MooreJohn Moore
Jolyon Creasey
Alastair Harrison
Jolyon Creasey

Howell Cup

BLOCK AJack IngleAndrew MossJane SmithWINSPosition
Jack IngleX-1902
Andrew MossX
Jane Smith+19X11
BLOCK BAlastair HarrisonJon SavageKate SanderWINSPosition
Alastair HarrisonX
Jon SavageXwon11
Kate SanderlostX02

FINAL: Jon Savage beat Jane Smith +14

Miriam Reader Memorial Doubles

by 1 July
by 1 September
Chris Barham & Jon DiamondKate Sander & Jon Savage
Kate Sander & Jon Savage
Kate Sander & Jon SavageKate Sander & Jon Savage
Jolyon Creasey & Andrew Moss
Jack Ingle & Timothy LukeJack Ingle & Timothy LukeJack Ingle & Timothy Luke
Barney Lewis & David Dray
Jane Smith & John Moore

Lewis Shield

Barney Lewis beat Jack Ingle +5t, Jack beat John Moore +2 and John Moore beat Barney +6

John Moore won on net points tie-break.

New Members Association Croquet Trophy

Jon Savage
James Parker




Hunter Plate

Best of three preferably or a single game – decide before you start playing!
Blocks to be completed by 7th August.

BLOCK ADuncan CoxJohn GreenwoodDawn IngleJohn MooreWINSPosition
Duncan CoxX6-7, 4-77-1, 7-27-4, 7-522
John Greenwood7-6, 7-4X7-44-7, 7-3, 7-231
Dawn Ingle1-7, 2-74-7X2-7, 3-704
John Moore4-7, 5-77-4, 3-7, 2-77-2, 7-3X13
BLOCK BDan CrocombeLister FieldingDerek HeathMichael SanderWINSPosition
Dan CrocombeX6-7, 6-77-5, 7-16-7, 7-5, 7-322
Lister Fielding7-6, 7-6X7-3, 7-27-4, 7-531
Derek Heath5-7, 1-73-7, 2-7X6/7, 7/6, 7/313
Michael Sander7-6, 5-7, 3-74-7, 5-77-6, 6-7, 3-7X04
BLOCK CDerek CrocombeTrevor Houghton-BerryRichard MannJane SmithWINSPosition
Derek CrocombeX7-4, 7-54-77-4, 7-322
Trevor Houghton-Berry4-7, 5-7X3-7, 4-70/2
Richard Mann7-47-3, 7-4X7-4, 7-631
Jane Smith4-7, 3-74-7, 6-7X0/2
BLOCK DDavid DrayMichael GentryJack IngleTimothy LukeWINSPosition
David DrayX7-4, 6-7, 7-37-5, 7-07-3, 7-631
Michael Gentry4-7, 7-6, 3-7X7-6, 7-47-2, 7-422
Jack Ingle5-7, 0-76-7, 4-7X0/2
Timothy Luke3-7, 6-72-7, 4-7X0/2

John Greenwood beat Richard Mann 7-4, 7-2
David Dray beat Lister Fielding 7-5, 7-6
FINAL: David Dray beat John Greenwood 7-1, 7-2

Kitching Rose Bowl

by 1 June
by 1 July
by 1 August
by 1 September
Jeff ChapmanTrevor Houghton-Berry
7-5, 7-3
Jack Ingle
7-4, 7-5
Jack Ingle
6-7, 7-6, 7-5
Jack Ingle
7-4, 7-6
Trevor Houghton-Berry
Duncan CoxJack Ingle
7-4, 2-7, 7-6
Jack Ingle
Derek CrocombeTimothy Luke
Lister Fielding
7-3, 7-6
Timothy Luke
Lister FieldingLister Fielding
7-1, 7-1
Dawn Ingle
Paul Gamba v Richard MannPaul Gamba
6-7, 7-5, 7-5
Paul Gamba
7-3, 7-4
Paul Gamba
7-4, 6-7, 7-4
David Dray

6-7, 7-2, 7-6
Keith Wilkins
Kate Sander v Mike GentryMike Gentry
7-6, 7-4
Mike Gentry
5-7, 7-3, 7-4
David Grimshaw v John MooreJohn Moore
7-4, 7-6
Michael Sander v Andrew MossMichael Sander
7-6, 7-6
Michael Sander
7-3, 7-5
David Dray
7-4, 7-3
Jane Smith
Derek HeathDavid Dray
7-3, 7-2
David Dray

Golf Doubles

by 1 June
by 14 July
by 1 September
Chris Beckett & Angela ChapmanChris Beckett & Angela Chapman
John Moore & David Dray
7-5, 7-2
John Moore & David Dray
7-5, 5-7, 7-4
Derek Heath & Jon Savage
7-5, 7-5
Darren & Gill Levett
John Moore & David Dray
Tina Beckett & Jack IngleTina Beckett & Jack IngleMichael Sander & Dan Crocombe
7-4, 7-5
Peter Player & Lister Fielding
Michael Sander & Dan CrocombeMichael Sander & Dan Crocombe
7-5, 6-7, 7-5
Mike Gentry & Dawn Ingle
Jon Savage & Derek HeathDerek Heath & Jon Savage
5-7, 7-6, 7-6
Derek Heath & Jon Savage
3-7, 7-6, 7-4
Derek Crocombe & David GrimshawJane Smith & Paul Gamba
3-7, 7-4, 7-5
Jane Smith & Paul Gamba
Duncan Cox & Jack InglenDuncan Cox & Jack Ingle
Duncan Cox & Jack Ingle
4-7, 7-4,7-3
Nigel Barton & Trevor Houghton-Berry
Kate Sander & Keith Wilkins

Golf High Bisquers

BLOCK ATina BeckettAngela ChapmanDavid GrimshawJane SmithWINSPosition
Tina BeckettX7-6, 4-7, 3-76-7, 7-4, 2-76-7, 4-70
Angela Chapman6-7, 7-4, 7-3X5-7, 7-3, 7-22/2
David Grimshaw7-6, 4-7, 7-27-5, 3-7, 2-7X7-42
Jane Smith7-6, 7-44-7X1/2
BLOCK BPeter PlayerAndrew MossJon SavageWINSPosition
Peter PlayerX
Andrew MossX7-5, 7-61/1
Jon Savage5-7, 6-7X0/1


Golf New Members Trophy

Andrew MossJon SavageDenis CruseWINSPosition
Andrew MossX
Jon SavageX7-11/11
Denis Cruse1-7X0/12

Fraser Tankard – Golf Teams

Handicap play this year (in a simplified form). Detailed rules are here.
Phone Derek Crocombe 01732 364585 if you have any queries or need a handicap card.

Derek’s DragonsPaul’s PioneersDerek’s DynamosSander’s SwingersPOINTSPosition
Derek’s Dragons 3-33-34-28
Paul’s Pioneers3-33-33-35
Derek’s Dynamos3-33-32-0
Rained off
Sander’s Swingers2-43-30-2
Rained off

Team ADerek’s Dragons: Derek Crocombe (captain), Angela* & Jeff Chapman, Keith Wilkins*, Duncan Cox, Carolyn Gunstone*, James Parker*
Team BPaul’s Pioneers: Paul Gamba (captain), Chris & Tina* Beckett, Lister Fielding, John Allen*, Jon Savage*
Team CDerek’s Dynamos: Derek Heath (captain), Richard Mann, Darren & Gill Levett, Barbara Tasker*, Jack or Dawn* Ingle
Team DSander’s Swingers: Michael Sander (captain), Jane Smith*, John Moore, Peter Player, Andrew Moss, Dave Grimshaw*

Reserves: Alistair Harrison*, Mike Gentry, Paul Forster*

* = 2 bisques for singles, 1 for doubles. Bisques for extra turns will still be used even if you’re playing someone with bisques too.

AvB18 May6 July
CvD25 May13 July
AvC1 June20 July
BvD8 June27 July
AvD15 June3 August
BvC29 June17 August


Family Competition

BLOCK A – 17th JulyDave GrimshawBruce EdwardsJohn GreenwoodPeter PlayerWINSPosition
Dave GrimshawX6-77-612
Bruce Edwards7-6X7-47-031
John Greenwood6-74-7X7-113
Peter Player0-71-7X
BLOCK B – 24th JulyTrevor Houghton-BerryDuncan CoxJack IngleMike GentryWINSPosition
Trevor Houghton-BerryX6-77-66-704
Duncan Cox7-6X5-76-713
Jack Ingle7-47-5X7-431
Mike Gentry7-67-44-7X22
BLOCK C – 31st JulyBarney LewisKate SanderJane SmithJane Smith (2)WINSPosition
Barney LewisX4-77-12
Kate Sander7-4X1
Jane Smith1-7X3
Jane Smith (2)X

Family Greenwood beat Family Ingle 7-4
Family Sander beat Family Gentry 7-5
Family Greenwood beat Family Sander 7-5

All matches are single 13-point games. All games are level play, except for pairs which consist of two club members or where one player has a handicap below 4. In these cases their opponents have 2 extra-turns to be used by the weaker player.

The winners of the three blocks, together with the best runner-up from all the blocks, will play in a final block on Finals Day. Block winners will be determined by the number of wins and then according to the CA Tournament Regulations. If two pairs are equal the result is the winner of their match.