Andrew Hobbs wins our Honeygrove Cup

After a grey and not terribly warm Bank Holiday weekend our annual two day Advanced tournament returned after a year’s break due to Covid-19.

There was a full house of 12 players from 7 different clubs who enjoyed the weekend, playing between 5 and 7 games each in a Swiss-format tournament, managed by Jon Diamond since our traditional manager Alex Jardine is still suffering from health problems.

Andy Dibben failed to make it three in a row as the event was won with a clean sweep of 7 wins by Andrew Hobbs from Medway, clear of second-placed Brian Havill with 4 wins from 5 games.

Everybody also ‘enjoyed’ the free music from the Local & Live festival on the Sunday at the bottom of the park – sometimes too loud, but the bands did get better as the day progressed (or is this just fanciful thinking?).

Our local participants of Jon Diamond and David Dray did not perform terribly well, ending up in the middle of the table; although this was David’s first AC tournament and Jon is still blaming his new hip for his lack of wins.

Full results can be seen on croquetscores.