David Dray wins the Kent Cup

The lawns were looking great, but slow with longer grass than expected. Play started about 09:45, then by 10:00 the sharp shower came, followed by heavy rain on and off all morning.

After a quick lunch break about 13:40, we were out in full wet weather gear, that was already wet. By late afternoon we had one downpour, but it was dry by end of play at 18:15.

Well done to all the players who braved the weather, and to Jolyon who set up the lawns. Brian had to borrow John’s mallet as he had left his at another club, but despite this played very well. Jolyon had some long roquets from well across the lawn and John played very well too with some long turns.

Congratulation to David, who won all his games and became only the second TW player to win this trophy (Alex won it in 1997 and 2012)! Now all he needs to do is collect it from the previous winner…

Detailed results:
David Dray beat Brian Havill +12
John Daniels beat Jolyon Creasey +22
David beat John +14
Jolyon beat Brian
David beat Jolyon +9
Brian beat John +16