Lawns re-open for the Winter!

You’ll be glad to know that Chris and Alex have just drilled the hoops on lawns 1 and 2, so we’re open for business again! Ray will paint the lines in due course.

Lawn 3 has not been drilled yet, since it’s so wet, but will no doubt be sometime.

Please note our Winter Rules:

1. Flat soled shoes are required – no heels at all.

2. Use lawns in the following order – 3, 2 and 1, but

3. Look at the Notice Board to see if any particular lawn is closed (red sign).

4. Don’t play if it’s very damp or the ground is very soft.

5. Jump shots and hammer shots are totally prohibited, as any damage caused (cuts or deep indentations) won’t recover over the winter, as it’s too cold. Also be careful in shots around hoops.

6. If there’s dew on the ground please use the brush in the clubhouse to clear it before you play; this will minimise fungal growth.

7. The internal water system will be turned off sometime before the temperature gets below freezing again, with the taps left open, to avoid frozen/burst pipes; so please be aware of the signs. If they’re up this means that the toilets will not be in use and you’ll be unable to make tea/coffee and wash up crockery.

Enjoy: Our next scheduled sessions are the One Ball/GC on Sunday 1st December!