Montevideo Cup Report

Jonathan Lamb wins our Montevideo Cup

Jonathan Lamb presented us with this Cup when he won it for the first time (he’s been a long-time resident in Uruguay which is why the cup has that name, but is now in Canterbury for much of the year). This year this GC level play cup was held on Saturday 11th May, with the strongest participation ever, and he beat Chris O’Byrne from Reigate Priory in the final, despite the occasional heavy rain shower and hail storm.

The other fancied low handicap players all stumbled in their blocks, but the highest handicapped player, Ben Harwood (the groundsman at Southwick) did stonkingly well and had his handicap reduced from 4 to 2.

Full results are:

BLOCK AClubH’capJon DiamondJonathan LambChris O’ByrneJohn GreenwoodRoger SuttonDerek CrocombeWINSPOSITION  
Jon DiamondTunbridge Wells-1 3-76-77-54-77-224  
Jonathan LambCanterbury-17-3 5-77-57-47-541  
Chris O’ByrneReigate Priory17-67-5 7-44-77-342  
John GreenwoodTunbridge Wells15-75-74-7 7-65-715  
Roger SuttonSussex County27-44-77-46-7 7-233  
Derek CrocombeTunbridge Wells32-75-73-77-52-7 16  
BLOCK BClubH’capRichard BrooksBrian HavillDavid Thirtle-WattsAlex JardineMichael GentryBen HarwoodWINSPOSITION  
Richard BrooksSussex County-1 7-57-47-36-74-732  
Brian HavillWatford15-7 4-77-37-54-724  
David Thirtle-WattsHunstanton14-77-4 7-54-71-725  
Alex JardineTunbridge Wells23-73-75-7 4-76-706  
Michael GentryTunbridge Wells27-65-77-47-5 6-733  
Ben HarwoodSussex County47-47-47-17-67-6 51  

Jonathan LAMB beat Ben HARWOOD 7-2
Chris O’BYRNE beat Richard BROOKS 7-5
Jonathan LAMB beat Chris O’BYRNE 7-2