SECF A league v Surbiton – lost 1:6

A return visit to Surbiton for some, but the result was much the same as the previous GC day…

Overnight rain had slowed the lawns, but only a little, so our team was up against it, especially as Surbiton had only put out their second team – their number 4 had a lower handicap than our number one!

The Doubles was lost on the 7th turn with a triple-peel (tp) by Alison, so no chance for any mistakes by our pair – just a 15 yarder that didn’t quite hit. Mick in his Singles had an even worse time, losing to Chris on the 5th turn, so even less chance for Mick to make a mistake.

An early lunch (thanks Alison) was then delayed a bit as Alex was struggling manfully with Nigel. He had good opportunities to win, but failed at the last, despite Nigel accidentally pegging out one of his balls in a roquet (so was therefore not able to take the croquet as the other ball was removed from the lawn!).

The afternoon went much the same way as the morning with Alex and Mick losing to tps quickly. Jolyon struggled a bit more, but Nelson ran out the easy winner.

However, Jon seemed to have it all done, with two good breaks getting to peg and 4-back. Of course, croquetting an opponents ball 10 yards away through the hoop after running 4-ball was helpful! Alison clawed her way back in, accidentally running hoop 2 from 25 yards when she was only trying to join up with her partner ball.  Jon then hit the lift and was on a finishing break, but missed the short return roquet after penult and gave it all back… Alison was then able to finish, but got hampered after 4-back and left Jon with a final opportunity in which he made no mistake. A consolation win at last!

Jon Diamond (0) & Jolyon Creasey (0.5) lost to Alison Maugham (-1.5) & Nelson Morrow (-1) -26tp
Mick Belcham (6) lost to Chris Farthing (-1) -26tp; Alex Jardine (2) lost to Nigel Polhill (-0.5) -6
Jon beat Alison +4, Jolyon lost to Nelson -23, Alex lost to Chris -19tp; Mick lost to Nigel -23tp