We’re 10th in the Southern Challenge

After a decent Saturday, winning three matches in the heat, unfortunately our team lost all five matches against harder opposition on the Sunday leaving us in 10th place and avoiding relegation (just).

Our new member Bruce Edwards from Australia performed really well on Saturday and had his handicap of 7 reduced to 5. Of course, the 7 was an Australian handicap…

The winners were Winchester who won 9 of their 11 matches, closely followed by Ryde and East Dorset with 8 wins .

Merton 3-0
Cheam 1-2
High Wycombe 1-2
Dulwich 2-1
Canterbury 1-2
Ramsgate 3-0
Sussex 2 1-2
Winchester  0-3
East Dorset  0-3
Sussex 1 1-2
Ryde  1-2