SECF AC U league v Compton – lost 3:4

Thomas Cullis had a couple of wins against Compton. The Doubles was narrowly won +1 on time by Jon and Tim when Hilary blobbed in Rover after time was called with Jon’s ball close.  He then managed to score his last 3 hoops to just win the game. Ann managed to peg out John’s ball, but accidentally pegged out her other ball. This left a two ball game, but unfortunately John was on 2 and Ann on 3-back. He wasn’t able to hit in and create a two ball break. So lunch was taken with us having the advantage 2:1.

The afternoon was less good, with the weather closing in. Jon had a mental meltdown, handing Craig a 4 ball break when he had 2 bisques, and easily lost. The other three games were all close and ran to time. When the smoke cleared Hilary won by 5, Tim by 3 and the final deciding game Richard Platt won by 2.