SECF One Ball Teams

Four teams travelled to Canterbury to play in the inaugural SECF One Ball Teams event, so with the two local teams made a full six teams on their three lawns.

Their lawns are still settling in, since they were moved to their current location a couple of years ago to make way for housing, with newly relaid lawns. The clubhouse is quite large and still being fitted out, but sadly too far from the main sports club facilities to have electrical power.

Our team of Jon Diamond, John Greenwood and Kate Sander under-performed (Jon and Kate had 2 wins, but John none from the 5 games). So we ended up with the wooden spoon with no wins. However we did have chances in our last game to win, with John missing his peg-out, and so he lost by one point and the match by one point also against the winners, Surbiton.

It’s hoped that, with their new mower, partly supported by the CA and the SECF, their lawns will be a bit finer and faster next year! Nevertheless, a fine event and much good food and drink and fun – very suitable for higher handicap players next year (please).

A fuller report with pictures is on the SECF website.