SECF U league v Compton – won 4:3

Covid provided a bit of distraction in getting a team together – it’s clearly far from over. Thanks to John Moore for his persistence in organising the match.

As expected the lawns were very fast and the hoops tight, so we struggled a bit.

After the morning we were down two matches to one, with our only win being Thomas narrowly in a stressful game against Anne, who had managed to get both balls to peg using her bisques, but missed a final roquet on her partner ball, letting Thomas in. By dint of wiring her balls and her missing peg-out attempts Thomas gradually recovered and when time was called only (!) need to take his second ball to peg to win, which he did.

In the afternoon Thomas won his game against Roger in 7 turns (well done), even peeling one of his ball through Rover on the second attempt, to bring the match level with one bisque still standing. Then Barney won, and Kate lost, to leave a dramatic finish as the two clubs were neck and neck with one game still in play. Ultimately when time called Richard needed two hoops to win, but ran an angled hoop 5 successfully which then rolled back and so gave Phil victory to seal the match win.

Detailed results:


Barney Lewis (11) & Kate Sander (20) lost to Richard Platt (9) & Gerald O’Brien (18) -9
Thomas Cullis (3) beat Anne Bolland (7) +2
Phil Taylor (12) lost to Roger Wood (0) -5


Thomas Cullis beat Roger Wood +26
Barney Lewis beat Anne Bolland +1t
Phil Taylor beat Richard Platt +2t
Kate Sander lost to Gerald O’Brien -14