Family tournament completed

In an epic final of the Royal Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club Family Tournament, ‘The Two Jays’ triumphed over ‘The Gentlemen Gentries’ 7-5, 7-6.

Torrential rain half an hour before ‘kick-off’ threatened to undermine the inaugural final of the summer-long tournament, which had seen seven cross-generational teams (including Mums, Dads, children and grand-children) battle for Croquet glory, but prayers were answered and battle commenced unhindered by the elements. Clearly it was a good move to have a hotline to The Almighty, courtesy of one of the participants!

As with all the games played across the entire tournament, the final was played in great spirits with fortunes ebbing and flowing for both teams as the match progressed. A couple of missed shots for The Gentlemen Gentries proved crucial at crucial times……NOT TO WORRY, THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT YEAR and revenge, as they say, ‘is a dish best served cold’!