SECF U League v Compton – won 6:1

On the longest day, and with summer threatening to return, we welcomed Compton up from Eastbourne on a sunny, but not too hot, day. For the first time in ages, it seems, we won all the morning games and went in to lunch 3-nil up.

The afternoon went nearly as well except that Barney was having a topsy-turvy day as, after an excellent morning win, he came up against Anne Bolland (formerly of this parish) who found her shooting boots and hit in an impressive 22 times to leave him trailing. Mind you, it could have been the wine!

Apparently, our grass is too long, the courts too slow and too green, the hoops not wide enough (or possibly not white enough!) but surely they must have enjoyed the lunch (thank you, Shirley!).

Alex Jardine (2) & John Hobbs (4) beat Hilary Smith (6) & Mike Cockburn (8) +11
Chris Barham (8) beat Anne Bolland (10) +9
Barney Lewis (10) beat Richard Platt (8) +13
Alex beat Hilary +14
John beat Mike +9
Chris beat Richard +8
Barney lost to Anne -19