Steve Chapman wins Montevideo Cup

Despite fears in advance, there were a full complement of 12 players for this one day level GC event on 20th May, with handicaps ranging from -2 to 12..

The format was two all-play-all blocks of 6, followed by a semi-final and 19-point final.

Andrew Hobbs (Dulwich) was the undisputed winner in his block with an unblemished record, with Steve Chapman (Sussex County) as runner-up with 4 wins. The other block finished with Tim Luke (Tunbridge Wells) undefeated and Richard Brooks (Sussex County) finishing with 4 wins.

Steve Chapman, winner (left) and Andrew Hobbs

The semi-finals went according to handicap, albeit after some close games, with Andrew and Steve contesting the final, which was quite a ding-dong affair.

At hoop 16 Steve was ahead, and looked like he was going to 9-7 up with his two balls poised to score and Andrew’s ball 18 yards away. However, he’d left an almost double of his ball and the hoop; if Andrew snicked the ball he’d still be in with a chance. Obviously Andrew ran the hoop to level the match!

Andrew managed to level the situation again at hoop 18. But reaching the golden hoop Steve was in a great position with two balls in close running position and Andrew couldn’t sustain his defence, so Steve scored, to win the trophy!


Full results are available on croquetscores.